Apple warns support teams of iOS 13 Personal Hotspot issues

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Apple has notified its Apple Authorized Service Providers of an issue in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13's Personal Hotspot, one that may cause some users to bring their iPhones and iPads in for repair due to connection failures.

The Personal Hotspot feature allows users to enable tethering on their iPhone so that their other network-connected devices can access the internet. In an internal note to members of its Apple Authorized Service Providers network, Apple has admitted to the possibility that some customers may be having more problems than others over the feature.

The note tells its partners that some iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 may have issues with the feature, reports MacRumors. The problems include an inability to connect to an enabled Personal Hotspot, repeated disconnection from a hotspot, and experiencing slow connections, among other problems.

Apple recommends the service providers to turn Personal Hotspot off then back on for the customer. Customers also need to keep updating their devices' operating systems over time, with Apple also confirming it is not a hardware problem.

While the assurance it is not related to hardware indicates it is related to software, it is unclear if a fix to the issue is on the way. Though iOS 13.4 may be a suitable venue for a bug fix to be included, there is no indication to whether it has been included as part of the recent GM release.


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    seanismorrisseanismorris Posts: 1,624member
    I haven’t been able to update my iPad when connected to my iPhone hot spot.

    Stupid WiFi requirement...
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,000member
    Personal HotSpot hasn't worked on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 over Wi-Fi since I can remember, and it doesn't work under the latest beta. This device has been replaced under warranty twice due to erratic touch response, and the replacements exhibited the same Hotspot problem. Fortunately, it's rarely, if ever, been a problem with iPhones, but I would much prefer to use the iPad's battery for tethering than my iPhone's.
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    mobirdmobird Posts: 701member
    Testing 1 2 3
    Testing 1 2 3

    That is all.
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    digitoldigitol Posts: 268member
    I’m so distraught over the lack of quality and demise of Apple products. Software is in shambles, buggy as ever. To be fair there is definitely signs of Apple trying to correct this, however the splintering of products has been proving this task difficult. That said Apple is still better than the competition, but only because the competition/alternatives suck worse. That’s not a good way to lead. Sad. 

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    sergiozsergioz Posts: 338member
    “Apple recommends the service providers to turn Personal Hotspot off then back on for the customer.” pretty much solves any issue with almost anything always! 
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    seanismorrisseanismorris Posts: 1,624member
    sergioz said:
    “Apple recommends the service providers to turn Personal Hotspot off then back on for the customer.” pretty much solves any issue with almost anything always! 
    I’ve done a complete wipe of the iPad (at least once) since experiencing the problem.  I like keeping the OS up to date, and that’s no longer possible.  

    Apple’s recommendation is B.S. 
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    Looks like the good old control-alt-del is still working...
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    llamallama Posts: 101member
    I haven’t been able to update my iPad when connected to my iPhone hot spot.

    Stupid WiFi requirement...
    Is that something specific to the iPad?  I have definitely used the hotspot to update other iPhones.
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    Emy3417Emy3417 Posts: 1member
    If you call or chat with Apple, they’ll start by telling you to Reset Network Settings. When that doesn’t work, they’ll have you Erase All Content and Settings and set up your iPhone as a new phone and not from a backup. When that fails to resolve the issue, they’ll tell you it must be a hardware problem and want you to visit a store to diagnose the problem. I’m not sure why they can’t just tell people that the problem is in the software and JUST FIX THE PROBLEM. iOS 13.5 doesn’t resolve the issue. Still waiting Apple.....
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    I am so disappointed on the SE2020. I have T-Mobile with hotspot.. Had a Samsung J7prime and hotspot worked wonderful. This phone, I have been on the phone and chat rooms with T-Mobile and Apple and there is no way to make it work.  Had to buy a Samsung today and lose $200 on the Apple SE2020. I use the hotspot for my iPad.  IPad is fine nothing wrong with it.   
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    The work around for PERSONAL HOTSPOT PROBLEMS on APPLE devices.  This issue is where the Iphone won't reveal itself - or connect - as a WIFI personal hotspot connection DESPITE everything being set to connect. I found that, UNLESS the actual "personal hotspot" page is OPEN, as well as enabled (green/turned on) it won't find the device and won't connect, and suddenly drops out.  So - if you open the actual PERSONAL HOTSPOT PAGE and enable it, and WIFI is enabled, your PC /devices should now find it/be able to connect.   VERY buggy - This was highly annoying as the device just WOULD NOT FIND the WIFI personal hotspot despite all settings being accurate and despite multiple reboots. Once I learned to keep the HOTSPOT page open (as well as ON) the computer found it rapidly, then connected.  BUG. Let me know if this solution works for you - actually have that page OPEN on the phone, don't simply click to be sure its on and leave that page - the page must STAY OPEN even after you check to be sure it's green/on/enables. E.g. have that WIFI personal hotspot setting page OPEN and visible on the phone (the page that shows the hotspot setting and the password to connect with it) - e.g. page open on the phone, keep it open, make sure it's ON, enabled, green - then see if you can get your PC to recognise it, then tick 'connect automatically' - it works for me after MONTHS of frustration with their personal hot spot connection problems / apple hotspot bugs.   
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