I need quick advice on speaker purchase

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Ok, so I am wanting to get a 5.1 surround sound speaker system to hook up to my Denon receiver which is gonna be hooked up to the M-Audio Revolution on my computer. Originally I planned on doing a subwoofer and pair of bookshelf speakers but I scratched the idea figuring the packages were a better deal and would give me full 5.1 surround sound. Now here is the dilemna. I cant order them online because I need to get them today before I go back to school. There is a store here in Cleveland called Micro-Pro which has some of the best deals on stuff that you can find anywhere. I did not want to go with buying computer multimedia speakers, and was looking at buying the Sony SA-VE535H or Sony SA-VE335 5.1 speaker package instead. The Sony SA-VE535H has really been what I was planning on (heard lots of good things about it). The only stores I could go to for either of these would be Best Buy, Circuit City, or hhgregg. Places like etronics have the 535H for $299, but the retail priceon it is $499. I think Best Buy & Circuit City would more than likely charge $499 for the speakers, which I just cant afford and wouldnt dare paying if they are half that price online. hhgregg MIGHT have them for a deal, that is IF they have them in stock. Calling these places you cant just speak to someone at the store Ive found out to see if they have a product. They have al l this nonsense and its just for technical support and stuff, like you cant actually get to the store. So I found Micro-Pro has the Cambridge Soundworks MegaWorks 510D for $222. This doesnt look bad at all, and I just read a couple reviews and this looks to be a very good speaker package. The satellites are all 70 W RMS and the subwoofer is 8-inch 150 W RMS. They are listed as Creative but actually have Cambridge Soundworks on the box, so I think they are the same thing. Should I go for these? Looks like I cant go wrong with these at $222.


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    Anyone? I got like an hour to decide.
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    Originally posted by TigerWoods99

    Anyone? I got like an hour to decide.

    Ask to listen, nothing better than a real experience to decide.
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    ...And you can't get speakers shipped to school?

    The CSWs do not have tweeters so highs will be rolled off more than normal. If they are anything like my CSW movieworks 408 set (almost identical to the megaworks 5.1 system minus the amplification) then I would get something else... Esp the subwoofer, sucks so much (basscube 8 ). Oh well.

    And what would become of your reciever if you get an all in one system like the megaworks?

    Just get a really nice 2.1 system, 5.1 is overrated
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