The guy who went to buy a PC

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Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been away.

Since last time, when I was planning to buy a PC and abandoned my iMac, I've used a PC for quite a while. First the compatibility thing at uni sunk in, so that's no longer a worry. Then I bore in mind all of the things you said about use when I was working. Whoever attacked the way Windows makes each window hog the whole screen was right - that REALLY annoyed me. To be fair, I remember when I came back to Macs about 5 years ago it annoyed me the way Windows didn't use the whole screen, so it may well just be a matter of familiarity. One thing, that may seem minor, which I HATED was the roughness and ugliness of all the fonts, both in Windows and also when surfing the Web in Explorer - not a patch on OSX and Safari. I also realised how much I'd miss having all the iLife apps. I know there are Windows equivalents, but none of them look so good, or seamless - like a set. So, I'm sticking with my iMac. After all, I said I wanted something which was a tool and didn't need lots of tinkering. Well you convinced me that that was unlikely to be a problem with getting my Mac on a uni network, and in terms of having a tool which is easy to use and does what I want in a clever but simple, unobtrusive way the Mac wins by miles.

Finally, as I've missed all the news can you tell me what's happening with the Apple Music Service and iPods? I've checked some of the other threads, but they don't seem to specific on a date of release or even what the Music Service what will do ... I presume that was discussed just as I left. And also what's this about iWorks?

Thanks for all your help! Am I technically a 'Switcher' now?


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