Exxon Mobil offers 3% Daily Cash to Apple Card customers

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Exxon is offering a big bonus to customers refueling their vehicles using Apple Card, with 3% Daily Cash provided for purchases made at Exxon and Mobil stations across the United States.

Exxon gas station
Exxon gas station

The first chain of gas stations to provide 3% Daily Cash rewards, customers paying at Exxon and Mobil locations will get 3% Daily Cash back from their purchases if they use Apple Card with Apple Pay. According to Exxon's website, the reward is offered on all fuel, convenience store, and car wash purchases.

The bonus does not apply on purchases with third-party merchants who may be located within an Exxon or Mobil-branded location or the convenience store, such as car washes by independent firms.

There is seemingly no limit to the amount of Daily Cash that can be earned through the Exxon promotion, with it being listed as "unlimited 3% Daily Cash." As an extra incentive, customers can use Apple Card as the payment method in the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app, which not only enables payments at the pump as well as the gas station, but also earns extra ExxonMobile Rewards+ points.

Exxon Mobil joins a small number of retailers that offer 3% Daily Cash bonuses on purchases, including Nike, T-Mobile, Uber, Uber Eats, Walgreens, and Duane Reade. Buying hardware and accessories from Apple directly, as well as App Store purchases and subscriptions, using Apple Card and Apple Pay also apply the same 3% benefit.

Before, Apple Card customers would have been able to earn a maximum of 2% if they used Apple Card via Apple Pay at the terminal, or 1% by using their physical card.


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    Fantastic! I need to get gas today and I go to the Mobil station in town as it’s the only one that accepts Apple Pay at the pump anywhere near me. (Still obnoxious I’m required to say “no” to debit card, enter my zip code and say “no” to a car wash before I can select what grade of gas I’m getting.)
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    I appreciate the updates! Outside of your extensive journalism, is there another resource that keeps an updated list of which companies are offering Apple Card users 3% back? I can never remember and having a bookmarked webpage would be awesome. 
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    dws-2dws-2 Posts: 274member
    On a 14 gallon fill-up, that will save me about 30 cents over regular Apple Pay.
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    dws-2 said:
    On a 14 gallon fill-up, that will save me about 30 cents over regular Apple Pay.
    For me it’s a 52 cent difference over regular Apple Pay at the most recent fill-up. I had a little under a quarter of a tank. Normally this would work out to about $24 extra a year for me but, like many others, I’ve been driving less these days. 

    Not to mention I’ve had 0 income since March except for what I get for cash back on my Apple Card. I’m looking forward to that extra $24! LOL. 
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    yanimacyanimac Posts: 23member
    People still pay for gas???
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    larryjwlarryjw Posts: 861member
    yanimac said:
    People still pay for gas???
    Yes. But I get 3 weeks per gallon now.
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