Mark Zuckerberg claims Apple's App Store charges 'monopoly rents,' stifles innovation



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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,901member
    Mark, can you not come up with better argument ? Your hands are bloody with all the rage, fake news, racism, hatred, etc,etc you allow on your platform to make money. Shame on you.
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    Hey Zuck, how about tending to your own products which you control and are in various forms of disarray due to lack of quality development teams and management?

    For example, Oculus and Oculus for Business? How about the Facebook for Games initiatives that have largely been abandoned causing all of your Facebook game developers from shuttering their business with you. You had an opportunity to have a games App Store and you blew it.

    The ads you serve on Facebook are largely crap and consumers will be well served by Apple cutting them out of their view (life). I have been scammed by 2 Facebook ads both of which showed abandoned alleyways/storefronts when the shipping address was entered into Google Street View.
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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,994member
    esteban said:
    We knew this narrative would be coming because iOS will ding their ad revenue, as others pointed out.
    The timing however, seems deflection from FB's failure to apply their own standards, which helped lead to a 17 year old crossing state lines illegally with a rifle, and killing 2 and maiming 1, in Kenosha.
    Please keep your misinformation to yourself.  There is nothing illegal about crossing state lines with a rifle.  All evidence (and there is plenty of it in video, photos, and pre-incident interviews) to show the above to not be true.  He was there with a med kit and had been helping treat everyone including rioters.  He was interviewed that evening at least once.  He defended himself against rioters and vandals who were trying to kill him and he tried to avoid problems by retreating. He fell and the guy who was maimed assaulted him with a pistol in hand.  One of the guys killed chased him and assaulted him with a skateboard, which can kill the way it was used.   So please keep your misinformation to yourself.  
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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,994member
    Zuckerberg is a sorry caricature of a man. 

    I'd like an honest explanation on how innovation is stored by Apple and the App store.  The App Store allows innovators easy access to a large market. There are certain ground rules to protect the users but that in no way stifles innovation. 
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,766member
    For this to be true, there has to be no viable market alternatives. Yet iOS is not the majority market share, as Android provides a wide open plain of alternatives -- multiple app stores, as well as side-loading. There is inarguably room there for this supposed stifled innovation to thrive. 

    This is an outstanding point. There are many other app stores for Zuck to showcase this so-called “innovation” through. So, do it then. Innovate everywhere else and show us iOS users exactly what we’re missing out on. 

    The fact that he expects at least 50% of users to opt out of tracking tells me 2 things:
     1) More people are finally waking up to the reality that Facebook is exploiting them and is not their friend. 
    2) This “innovation” he keeps crying about is not something a conscious consumer would choose. Therefore it must be something designed to be dumped on the unsuspecting masses. F-book. 
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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,129member
    Personally I find it depressing if Zuckerberg thinks only 50% of iOS users will use the anti tracking feature.
    humanity has no future.
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    davidwdavidw Posts: 2,025member
    This coming from a guy that thinks "innovation" is finding new ways to trick users into giving up their personal info, for the sake of charging advertisers a premium for more accurate targeted ads.

    Then Zuckerberg do have a valid point, Apple iOS 14 will stifle Facebook "innovation" of discretely gathering users personal info, by informing the user of Facebook "innovation" and giving them the choice to opt out.
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,942member
    chadbag said:
    Zuckerberg is a sorry caricature of a man. 

    I'd like an honest explanation on how innovation is stored by Apple and the App store.  The App Store allows innovators easy access to a large market. There are certain ground rules to protect the users but that in no way stifles innovation. 
    The anti-Apple narrative really is totally mystifying. The iPhone and then iPad kickstarted tech innovation like nothing yet else in the 21st century. And the 1/3 cut for access to the slickest cash machine ever devised by mankind is too much? It’s one of the best money-making setups for indie Creators in all of history. And if you have a subscription it goes to 15% after the first year. 

    There’s some other hidden deeper agenda going on, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
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    digitoldigitol Posts: 276member
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    Yeah he's been talking to Trump. App Store the most profitable venture for both Apple and Developers. Most important also the safest way for iPhone
    uses to get their apps. First you had web sites thinking they can run all the adds they want on your broadband and then they want to follow you around the
    entire internet and make money off of your activities and no return for you. Are we as users of the internet just prisoners of the digital world?
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    TomETomE Posts: 172member
    I know the answer to this as well as everyone else.  Mark Zuckerberg is a big babbling baby. As said above, Apple kickstarted the industry that we have today.  Zuckerberg would not have much if it had not been "juiced up" by Apple.  Apple does not have the majority of products or users in this space. Android has the market sewed up.  Apple is a minority player, but Apple is in great shape after being kicked around or struggling for years.  They made it . . . Facebook is in an entirely different business.  Do I detect a little hint of bad something rotten with Zuckerberg.  

    Apple is a hardware & software company that primarily sells hardware; they are demanding.  The "Security & Functionality" of the hardware is paramount.  They don't like to release products that might be flawed.  They also, do not want other players to come to the platform with flawed products that may make their products seem inferior. Thus, if the "others" want to run on Apple Hardware, they must follow Apple's Rules which have a reason for being. If the "others" want to run on Apple's platform, they have to comply with certain rules that Apple demands of itself : it's hardware & software are designed to play well.  Those who come from elsewhere always want to claim foul.  Apple releases information for compliance as soon as possible, but not before it is necessary or too far in advance.  

    Therefore there will always be those like Zuckerberg that fuss & whine , hoping the courts of justice or public opinion will rule in their favor.  I use Facebook as an example that can be easily followed.  

    Boo Hoo.
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    Didn't think I could think less of this mini-me tyrant………………It's like tRump, when you think you've seen him at his lowest, he goes even lower. 
    Your watching too much cnn, this Is appleinsider for apple discussions and not wapo for your political syndrome 
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    Zuckerberg’s comments are patently absurd and without any foundation.  The creation of the iPhone and the App Store completely revolutionised mobile phone use and the creation of a massive range of apps from a huge number of creators who would never otherwise have been able to be so inventive.
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    qwerty52qwerty52 Posts: 367member
    Just like I already said in other post, nobody is forcing Facebook to use Apple’s AppStore. 
    As far as I can remember, Facebook have a few years ago very proudly released an own phone which they called “the killer of the iPhone”. 
    What’s happen Mister Zuckerberg, why you just  don’t use this killer phone of yours, to avoid the 30% of AppStore. This is the best solution for your problem.
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    I have a strong dislike for Facebook as many here, but Zuckerberg is right here. 100% right.

    Problem is though, he’s a hypocrite. Silicon Valley is known to hate Facebook because they either buy or steal whatever idea a newcomer has, or they’ll push them out with tactics.
    They are doing exactly the same what Apple does on the App Store side.

    The take away: when corporations become too big, it becomes a huge problem. Whether your name is Cook, Zuck or Bezos.
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    Who, pray tell, is Mark Zuckerberg for the tech industry? The CEO of a big data company with no actual products? If so, why even bother us with his irrelevant opinions in the first place?
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    "Monopoly?"    I do not believe that the word you use means what you think it means Mr. Facebook.
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    applguyapplguy Posts: 235member
    But Facebook has a monopoly on Facebooks ads. If I want to buy ads I have to buy them on Facebook. I demand a third party ad store...
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    I would say, if anything, the App Store promotes both innovation and decent competition. Not to mention the value consumers get. In the days before the App Store, computer programs used to cost about ten times as much as they do today, for an equivalent level of functionality. And they had to, because developers could only reach a tenth (or less) of the market thay can today.

    All of these facts are just no-brainers and have been said so many times before, and Mark knows that. He's just whining because he doesn't have a complete hardware-software platform of his own to control …yet. But let's see how open and free he will be to competitors on his coming hardware.
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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 3,555member
    “Monopoly rents”??? The lowest rent on monopoly is $2 per turn (month?) and you have 24 different properties to choose from. Even the most expensive property, Boardwalk, with a hotel, is $2000 per turn. I’ve been in hotels in real life where regular rooms on the fourth floor cost up to $2000 per DAY according to the room rate posted on the back of the door. And Monopoly rates haven’t gone up in 86 years which means they are a sweet deal. 
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