firewire audio interfaces

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I've ordered a 17" PB for audio and video work, need to know what Firewire audio interfaces other people are using. I'm interested in the Quatafire by ESI, also the MOTU 828, does anyone have any experience of these or others?? Or should I wait around for USB2 devices to hit the market? Or is USB adequate?

I'd appreciate any input, thanks.


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,355member
    Check out M-Audio's Firewirew 410 as well. Nice and small.
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    i would say it really depends on what you are planning on doing. i have used the 828 and now own an 896 and have no complaints about motu (dp4 for osX was just released)

    regarding usb2 audio interfaces, i wouldnt plan on seeing to many serious audio companies developing interfaces with usb2 since it would most likely perform poorly compared to firewire
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