Time zones.

in Feedback edited January 2014
Okay, this is a small quirk which I don't mind that much, but I just thought I'd let you know.

I have my time-zone set for GMT+1 or something, which is the time for Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and, well, most of western Europe. So last sunday, the hour changed (i think daylight savings time is over, or it's the contrary, we call it 'zomertijd' or 'summertime', as opposed to 'wintertijd' or 'wintertime') Anyway, it appears that the boards didn't make that transition, so now, the times are consistently one hour off (posts show a time of one hour before their actual posting time). Which, again, is already a long way up from UBB (where I posted right into six-to-eight hours of history).

So, that's what I wanted to say, thx.


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