California launching Apple-Google exposure notification app on December 10

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California will launch its coronavirus exposure notification app, based on the Apple and Google framework, to the public on Thursday.

Credit: Patrick Holmes/UC Berkeley
Credit: Patrick Holmes/UC Berkeley

The CA Notify app is based on the Apple-Google Exposure Notification API, which the two tech giants unveiled earlier in 2020. The app was initially piloted at the University of California, San Diego and the University of California, San Francisco.

On Dec. 10, Californians will be able to opt in to receive notifications if they've recently come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, Governor Gavin Newsom's office announced Monday

As with other systems based on the Apple-Google model, the CA Notify app is privacy-respecting and doesn't collect location data. It uses Bluetooth to exchange anonymous identifier codes between iPhone and Android devices without the need for personally identifiable information. Similarly, it doesn't send data to any centralized server.

"CA Notify will help slow the spread by alerting those who opt in to receive an alert if they've come into contact with someone who has tested positive. The process is private, anonymous and secure, and is one of the many tools in the state's data-driven approach to help reduce the spread," Gov. Newsom said.

According to TechCrunch, exposure will be defined as being within six feet of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 for a period of 15 minutes or more. Users who test positive for coronavirus will get a text code to input into CA Notify, which will notify anyone who met the above criteria within the prior 14 days.

California joins about a dozen other states that have launched COVID-19 exposure notification apps based on the Apple-Google framework, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Nevada.

The CA Notify app will be available as a free download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Californians may also start receiving availability alerts starting Thursday, Dec. 10.

As of Dec. 7, California had 1.37 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 19,937 deaths. Recent surges throughout the state have prompted officials to implement new stay-at-home lockdowns in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the San Joaquin Valley region


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    larryjwlarryjw Posts: 774member
    About time!

    What's it going to take to get governments and health care organizations implement support for contact tracing. It aint rocket science. 

    It's not that contact tracing is a new process -- been going on for decades. 

    Oh, I know.

    What's important is games. 
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    thrangthrang Posts: 869member
    It's reprehensible that Newsom waited this long. Maybe he finally signed off at his French Laundry dinner...

    Even in NY/NJ, where's they've had it for several months, I have not seen ONE PSA here mention it. Wooden-toothed Gov Murphy will pontificate about masks and distancing on TV commercials which is all well and good, but why not emphasize the use of the Covid app? Most people I talk to are unaware it exists. State leadership in many parts of the country have failed significantly in many ways, but this one was a low-hanging fruit that they ignored.

    Apple could do a better job promoting on the concept on the App store, with links to all the state apps that use the tech, and a background on how it works and the anonymity it provides.

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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 11,274member
    It's pathetic that only 12 states have implemented this. I'm in Louisiana, one of the leaders of death per capita (#5), and we still haven't implemented. I contact my Dept. of Health about it occasionally and they never respond to answer why they won't do it. We're a red state w/ a blue/purple governor. Our state legislature has tried to block COVID19 safety measures for the usual stupid reasons.

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    fred1fred1 Posts: 769member
    Is there data on how effective this has been in the states where it’s being used?  Is there a reduction in cases/deaths?
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    GG1GG1 Posts: 443member
    I don't see the effectiveness of each state (US) or each country (EU) having their own separate app when travel is allowed between states/countries. But I'm not an epidemiologist.
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    Lol, pandemic has been going on how many months?! Absurd.
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    bonobobbonobob Posts: 297member
    Actually, on iPhone, one can enable it now and it will be activated automatically on the 10th.  And there is no need to download anything. 

    At least that’s what my phone told me when I went to check it out. 
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