Traditional Stop Motion Data to Digital Data Query.

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Hello Esteemed and learned peers.

I'm about to start work at a college that has a suite of Macs, is Lightwave based etc.

They run some animation courses. Some modules are traditional but they are aiming to expand into digital 3d. Currently, they are doing stop motion animation with a camera.

Problem is, the camera they use to capture stop motion data captures a 'small amount of time' as opposed to a single shot. ie it aint the right camera for the job. So the animation timing is slurry.

Speaking with my new employer, I found out that he wants a new camera to capture still shots of traditional live action animation (you know, clay characters...drawings...traditional media...) and feed that 'shot by shot' series-of-stills data in a digital format for use either in something like Final Cut or even use as a rotoscope guide in Lightwave presumabley.

Is there a traditional or modern animation camera that will do the job, whether an established model used by animation pros or a new kid on the block model?

If you can help with this query, I'd be grateful.

Lemon Bon Bon


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