Tim Cook 'probably' leaving Apple in next ten years



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    ravnorodomravnorodom Posts: 509member
    Let's hope the next CEO doesn't run Apple to the ground like Sculley and others.
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    davgregdavgreg Posts: 968member
    Long before Tim Cook took over as CEO he earned a place in Apple’s history.

    When he arrived Apple had the highest cost supply chain and overhead in the industry and he quickly moved to rationalize and streamline and get things in order. The financial impact on Apple’s bottom line and profitability cannot be underestimated. 

    During Steve Jobs’ medical absence - which was considerable- he proved himself more than capable of the job of CEO. Jobs spent considerable time in Memphis (just off of East Parkway) awaiting a liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital and recovering afterward.

    That Jobs selected him and told him to run the place as he saw fit speaks to the confidence he had in Cook. None of us would likely have made the same decisions as Cook, but one cannot argue that the company has continued to grow and flourish during his time as CEO.

    As a shareholder, Apple has made me an awful lot of money - I bought my first shares just about the time of the OS X Public Beta and those shares have appreciated greatly and split 3 times since then. I stopped buying somewhere in the run up above $300 a share before the big split as I was worried that it was overvalued. A significant part of my retirement money will be because of that Apple stock.
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    canukstormcanukstorm Posts: 2,590member
    blastdoor said:
    mr lizard said:
    I’d be very surprised if Jeff Williams wasn’t next in line. 

    I am surprised though that Cook was drawn on this question. Apple’s de facto playbook is to ‘no comment’ absolutely anything they don’t want to discuss. The fact that they entertained this question means they weren’t just happy to answer it, but that they purposefully wanted this information out there. 
    He's only two  years younger than Tim Cook.  I'd be very surprised if he was.
    Yeah, I think Jeff Williams is the spare tire -- if Tim Cook gets hit by a bus tomorrow, it's Williams. But longer term, it's more likely somebody else, maybe with Williams laying a brief transition role. 

    Hair Force One is 51 years old -- he could be a candidate. 
    So could John Ternus
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,146member
    elijahg said:
    The sooner the better IMO. His only real achievement is to grow Apple's (and its shareholders, which I was until recently) wealth. The only truly "Cook" introductions with likely little to no Jobs input have been the HomePods and AppleTV+. Neither of which have been an exactly roaring success. He's allowed feature creep and bloat over bug fixes. He's way too "regular" to be the CEO of a once radical company like Apple. And unfortunately, I think he has removed a lot of the Jobsian "DNA" in favour of his own, making a once nimble, decentralised, innovative "thinking different" company - aspects that were regularly toted as its reason for success, into a regular, lethargic behemoth all reporting to one guy who cares only about profit above all else, including the products themselves.
    How bizarre that you selectively omit their most successful products since he became CEO — Watch, AirPods, services. Alongside the Apple Silicon transition and the other products you mentioned plus the stuff we know is in the pipeline (AR/VR, Titan), it's not like he's sitting around bean counting and nothing else. What a shockingly dishonest take on Apple's achievements over the past decade.
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    imatimat Posts: 201member
    One thing people tend to forget is the sheer size Apple has reached under Cook. Managing such a vast and complex company, while still staying true to its core values is, per se, already an extraordinary feat.
    I think to some extent Jobs had, in his guts, the feeling that Apple would change and therefore decided that Cook was the best suited person. Having a small company of 8 myself I sometimes wonder, in admiration, how calm, focused and on top of things Cook is able to stay. Nothing about his job is easy and “old times nostalgic nerds” really tend to forget that and not give him enough credit.
    no other person of the Jobs Apple could have pulled that off, and probably very few managers worldwide.

    he is obviously going to retire in 10 years, and for the sake of Apple he should. The question about who is going to step in his shoes is, for Apple, probabili the most fundamental one. Looking around the management board, I don’t see someone quite as Cook. But I am confident.
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    s.metcalfs.metcalf Posts: 928member
    Can it be 10 weeks?  I’ll even settle for 10 months!
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    If I had the money he has I'd retire the day his next batch of stock options kicks in. Or today. Of course I did retire on AAPL investment with my spare money since 2005 - so my opinion might be slanted.  :) I'm just glad things have gone well for him over the years. 
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    s.metcalf said:
    Can it be 10 weeks?  I’ll even settle for 10 months!
    10 days?
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