Microsoft to add AAC Bluetooth audio support in Windows 10 update

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Microsoft's Windows 10 will receive support for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) over Bluetooth in a new update later in 2021.

Credit: Microsoft
Credit: Microsoft

The AAC support means that Windows users will be able to get better audio quality over Apple AirPods, and when using Apple platforms like iTunes and Apple Music. Previously, Windows supported AptX and SBC over Bluetooth.

Microsoft will add AAC to Windows 10 in its next major update, but Windows Insiders will be able to test the new feature in Preview Build 21370 starting on Thursday.

In addition to AAC support, Microsoft is also simplifying the way Bluetooth profiles works to make it easier for users to use a single audio device without clicking through multiple endpoints.

AAC is a lossy audio codec that can deliver high quality audio in smaller file sizes, meaning it's good for online music streaming. Along with being the default audio format for Apple devices like the iPhone, AAC is also standard for other manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony.


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    Surprised there are no comments yet on this story. Given Apple were the ones who have always championed this, and given how much better AAC is than mp3, but with the potential for similar file sizes, this feels like a big story. 
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