Claris launches Claris Connect service for Apple School Manager

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Apple subsidiary Claris has launched its Claris Connect service for Apple School Manager, making it easier for educational institutions to access Apple services and technology.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

The Claris Connect service, which initially launched in 2019, is designed to help companies combine data from multiple sources in a single interface.

Claris Connect for Apple School Manager allows institutions to integrate student information systems into Apple School Manager. It supports the OneRoster specification for secure sharing of enrollment, roster, course, and grades data.

"Schools across the United States constantly face challenges around getting the most meaningful information out of the volumes of data gathered and processed each day--which we are solving with Claris Connect for Apple School Manager. Schools are also underfunded for tech, compounded by the very tough challenge related to talent recruitment," said Claris CEO Brad Freitag.

According to Claris, the OneRoster standard could allow schools to save time, cut costs, and improve system integrations.

The system also makes it easier to automate the creation of Managed Apple IDs at scale. Those Apple IDs can then be used to access the Classroom app, the Schoolwork app, and up to 200GB of iCloud storage space, and shared iPad data.

"We have been using Claris Connect to allow integration with Apple School Manager and other software packages, which gives us the flexibility to leverage software that's perfect for us," said Steve Palomo, IT director for Beverly Public Schools.


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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 9,509member
    I would love to see how these programs are being implemented.  
    As a now retired systems analyst I realized that the implementation of a system is as important as its design and build.  Deficiencies in any one of the three can doom a system to failure.

    In my grandson's case, his school uses "Canvas".   But it requires a 2 in 1 machine and heavily favors Windows.   But, one of its biggest problems is that each teacher uses it a different way and posts thing differently and in different places -- if at all....  So, for a child and for parents it can be frustrating to use. 

    My neighbor's daughter has a doctrat in education administration and, last year they appointed her to a new post:   "Principal of cyberschool".   Her job was to educate teachers how to use the software and insure that it was used properly and consistently throughout the district.
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