New iPhone-powered color balance feature compatible with older Apple TV models



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    I wonder if it will work with my projector. Obviously the phone would have to face the projector and not the screen. 
    Obviously it won't work with your projector because your projector isn't designed to do this and doesn't have any capability to do it.
    I’m not sure it’s so obvious. The beauty of the solution is that a TV doesn’t need to be designed to do this or have any particular capability. If the system was setup as a back projector (which is probably isn’t) then it could well work as described.
    How would that possibly work? This back projector would have been designed to communicate wirelessly with an iPhone held up to the image the projector produces and adjust its color based on the communication with the iPhone, after having gone through the exact sequence of operations an Apple TV would in this mode? That would have been a remarkable instance of foresight and insight by the projector manufacturer.

    I think it's pretty obvious when you actually, you know, think about it.
    I think you’re missing the point. The iPhone sees the light and tells the AppleTV how to compensate for the peculiarities of whatever screen it is held up to. No other ‘communication’ with the screen needed. 

    Pretty clever when you think about it. 😉
    It might work with a projector driven by an Apple TV if it's rear projection (I doubt it would work with a front projection), but that wasn't how I understood the original question — i.e., there was no mention of Apple TV in the question, just the projector. (I mean, people are asking why the new Touch ID keyboards won't work with devices not designed for wireless Touch ID, so, no, I don't assume they mean a projector driven by an Apple TV.)
    It doesn’t work with anything that isn’t connected to an Apple TV.

    Why would he be asking about a projector not connected to an Apple TV when we all know this is specifically an Apple TV feature?

    Of course he’s asking “hey this works with an LCD or plasma or whatever (connected to an Apple TV box).. so does it work with a projector (connected to an Apple TV box) also?”

    But if we’re not calling you out on being wrong we’re calling you out on the assumption you made that he was absolutely asking about it without the Apple TV… and talked down to him based on that assumption. Try some benefit of the doubt next time perhaps?

    ”How would that possibly work…?”   Well umm the same way it works with an LCD or any other TV. Duh. 
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    Gotta follow-up and comment about how this forum is not a kind, safe, supportive place. Call me naive, but there are some small parts of the internet where discussions are calm and friendly... 

    Be nice to aim to be more like that here (meant nicely).
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