Microsoft updating OneDrive app to work natively on M1 Macs

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Microsoft has announced plans to update its OneDrive app to work natively on Apple M1 Macs later in 2021, alongside other planned performance improvements.

Later this year, Microsoft will update the OneDrive for Mac app to run natively on M1 machines. Currently, OneDrive is available using Rosetta 2 on M1 systems.

Also planned is an update that would enable Known Folder Move (KFM) for macOS users. KFM allows people using OneDrive to access files across different devices and applications, and changes will be automatically synced to OneDrive.

If a user performs a device refresh, KFM can automatically upload all new files to OneDrive. IT professionals can also utilize a silent property to automatically move content in Desktop, Documents, and Picture folders to One Drive.

Microsoft to update OneDrive app to work natively on M1 Macs

Microsoft will also be improving the OneDrive sync experience for macOS users, which will be based on Apple's new File Provider platform. The update will enhance the Finder experience for OneDrive, and OneDrive will be visible under Locations in the Finder sidebar.

IT professionals will be able to use OneDrive Sync Admin Reports in the future. IT admins will be able to view detailed reports into macOS users running OneDrive Sync and any errors they might experience.

In late June, iOS and iPadOS users will be able to edit Office documents that they've marked for offline use in the OneDrive mobile app. Edited files will sync to OneDrive once a user is online again, allowing users to pick up where they left off from a different device later.

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    davicondavicon Posts: 3member
    Way overdue. Hasn't worked well or consistently at all via Rosetta 2. This has caused me huge version-control headaches for months. Finally had to stop trying to use OneDrive on my desktop at all and just open and save files using the direct-to-cloud options in Office programs.
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    cashxxcashxx Posts: 113member
    I could use this now!  Was just looking last week for these options as we are handing out MacBooks enrolled in MDM using Intune and was looking for the same features as Windows has and sadly lacking on the Mac side!  No surprise!
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    Should have been done already after six months.
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    michelb76michelb76 Posts: 257member
    Should have been done already after six months.
    lol. How much of their installed base is using an M1? 0.00001%?
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    david808david808 Posts: 14member
    Finally! I use OneDrive for work, and I have had to remap my Mac desktop and documents to the OneDrive folders on my work-issued Mac. 
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