Apple, Intel join lawsuit against Trump-era tariffs on Chinese goods



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    Frankly, if it was up to me, I’d double down on the opposite: say, quadruple the tariffs, leave it there for the next 25 years, and use the proceeds to help pay for all the COVID damage caused. It might, collaterally, help move some production here as well (and to China’s competitor countries). 

    That should be the price society imposes on each of us for our hankering after our cheap electronics and t-shirts. 

    The "COVID damage" was caused by our inept response. 
    You might want to look up some data, before making such patently absurd statements like the one above. 

    Oh, when comparing, do so with like countries, not iron-handed dictatorships or nothing-little islands in the middle of nowhere. 

    That said, ignorance - even the willful, obtuse kind - is not a crime, so knock yourself out. 
    Democratic government has no power. It is authorized by the people to do things. Therefore it is not responsible for not doing things. Government will do things to please people like printing money. A democratic nation is strong if its people is good. But US assumes all people are good because they believe in God. US is the strongest nation because it has lots of innovative people. US government provide the safest and unrestrictive environment for these people. But not all democratic nations are like US. They do not know moderne science and technology. 
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