Apple AirTag gets new firmware update

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A new Apple AirTag firmware -- version 1.0.291 -- is rolling out to users with no known feature changes or updates.

AirTag firmware updated
AirTag firmware updated

Unlike other device operating systems, the AirTag does not have an update menu to control incoming updates install. Instead, users must wait for the update to install automatically.

The new update was first reported by 9to5Mac. The new version is 1.0.291 with the build number 1A291a.

Users can check the firmware version via the Find My app. Just tap on the "Items" tab, select an AirTag, then tap the battery icon below the device name to view the firmware version.

This is the first update to the AirTag firmware since June. The previous version introduced improved anti-stalking features with a smaller window for notification.

The update may be a further refinement to the anti-stalking features. Unfortunately, since Apple didn't release any notes about the firmware, it cannot be verified.

Apple is working on an Android app that will let users detect a nearby AirTag or Find My accessory. While the update could be for that app, Apple hasn't announced when the app will release, nor has it shown up on Google Play.

The AirTag is a tracking device that can be attached to objects like backpacks or keychains. Users can have up to 16 on a single Apple ID, which cannot be shared across families.

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    maltzmaltz Posts: 475member
    I've seen quite a few people around the interwebs complaining about AirTags that are beeping when they shouldn't be, according to the expected behavior.  Maybe this will fix some of that.
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    yeah mine keeps beeping when I hop into the car its really annoying I kept tried to squeeze the shite out of it but that did no good, so yeah ditch that feature and if I want it to beep let me do it in the app

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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,964member
    Ours are not beeping. 
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    I have 1 that beeps every time I get into the car. The other 3 have been working flawlessly. 
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    No beeping across my 6 AirTags in various use cases
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,447member
    My cat has not complained about his beeping either.
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    F_Kent_DF_Kent_D Posts: 98unconfirmed, member
    We have about 6 or 7 of these with no beeping that wasn’t initiated purposely 
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    Again something which can not be updated …until it finally happens. I miss a „start update now“ in iOS for these accessories 
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    I’ve got one attached to my bicycle and I’ve had the bleeping “trill” when moving it before, I assume, my phone has connected up to it.

    I also had the tag completely reset: at first I thought I had dropped it out in the middle of town, as it was showing a “last seen” location where I had been. Then, when I checked and it was still attached I wondered if the Find My network was glitching, before I finally discovered that the tag had gone back into its “register” mode.

    I’d be happy with either of these problems being fixed, but it doesn’t seem to have updated yet.
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