Apple Pay limit to increase to GBP 100 from October 15 in UK



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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,723administrator
    OllyJ said:
    Apple Pay has no limit at all. I can confirm this as I have used it to pay £80,000 on a new car. 
    No idea why this article has been written. 
    You're confusing, with Apple's help mind you, Apple Pay the Apple-hosted financial service, with Apple Pay touchless payment technology.

    Places that directly support Apple Pay, like your car vendor, have just whatever limits you have with your bank as it pertains to money transfer. Places that don't can still use Apple Pay technology, but there are transaction limits imposed by the payment processor for the vendor.

    That's why the article was written. This difference is discussed in the article.
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    mike1 said:
    darkpaw said:
    Is there some reason why you can't use the GBP symbol, £? You used the USD one, $, for the story about Tim Cook's $750 million share deal.

    It's not on US keyboards and a pain to manually find it and use.
    Because hitting option + 3 to get £ is so tiring. It's not as exhausting as the three-key combo of shift + option + 2 for €.

    In the words of Chandler "Can you be any more lazy?"
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