Tim Cook visiting White House on Wednesday to discuss cyber attacks



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    GeorgeBMac said:
    Even the Taliban was surprised that they took over so quickly and easily.   We taught the Afghans how to fight.  We didn't teach them that they needed to fight.  They collected our salaries then turned and ran when they had to fight.  It was a failure of both military training and intelligence.  Our military paid them, trained them and were with them every day but apparently had no clue that they wouldn't fight -- but instead, when it came time to fight, they just handed our equipment over to the Taliban then ran away.

    Over 2 decades we didn't build a nation.  We built a Trillion dollar house of cards.
    I think they well knew what would happen. I wonder if they were even surprised by the speed. But, in what world do you give the enemy all the details on our allies, and give out a zillion fake VISAs we can't fulfill/evacuate.
    Apparently, they built some nice airports and now the Taliban have Humvees instead of Toyotas. I'm sure a lot of those trillions found their way into the right pockets, though.
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