Apple prompts upgraders to 'get ready' for iPhone 13

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Apple is pushing out a specialized notification that asks iPhone 13 upgraders to prepare for their new hardware ahead of Friday's release.

iPhone 13 Pro

Some iPhone users who preordered iPhone 13 are reporting a new section in the Settings app that includes a series of steps to "get ready" for delivery of the handset.

Aptly titled "Get Ready For Your New iPhone," the section is located below a user's Apple ID settings and prompts upgraders to back up device data to iCloud and check their trade-in status, reports MacRumors.

Tapping on the "Get Started" link opens a new page that asks users whether they want to automatically back up apps and data to iCloud. If accepted, iPhone will complete a backup that can be used to configure a new iPhone 13 when it arrives.

A subsequent screen notes owners can use their current iPhone to quickly sign in and set up a new iPhone by bringing the devices in close proximity to each other. The feature isn't new and iOS includes prompts to inform users of the setup process, but some iPhone owners might not be aware of the option.

Apple also includes a link to a website that details iPhone trade-in values, which are presented as an Apple Gift Card when not processed as part of a new purchase.

The Settings prompt does not appear to be live for all preorder customers, suggesting Apple is in the midst of rolling it out by region as the week progresses. It is believed that the "get ready" message is tied to a user's Apple ID.

Apple's iPhone 13 went up for preorder last Friday, with launch day supplies for certain models depleted in just an hour. Orders have started to ship ahead of scheduled deliveries on Friday.

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    Has anyone traded in their old iPhone at the Apple Store? I’ve only ever done it online, but I’ve been told that sometimes the store offers less than the website. Has anyone had that happen to them?
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    ... is this one more attempt to normalize customer data on iCloud servers, with permission of course...?
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    My new case has shipped no is supposed to arrive today and the iPhone 13 Pro (128 black) says “preparing for shipment” supposed to arrive Friday.

    Have not seen the prompts described.
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