iPhone not migrating to USB-C or getting Touch ID on power button any time soon



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    longfang said:
    Just shows the lie of Apple being concerned about e-waste. If they really were, they’d go to USB-C which would cut down on wasted cables as they break and need to be replaced. 
    You say that as if usb-c cables are any more durable than lightning cables.
    No they’re not necessarily, but since almost every other device, including their iPads use USB-C you could use one of those instead of buying a new one just the iPhone, the only new device left using one
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    ivanhivanh Posts: 597member
    Lightning was good. It was innovative before usb-c. But there is usb-c now. Keep using lightning is innovative monopoly. Keep using lightning has no benefit to customers. Keep using lightning is a big minus in keeping Apple fans. 
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