Apple Watch Studio custom builder failing for some users

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Apple's online guide to picking a configuration of Apple Watch Series 7 is sporadically not working for users, with no certain pattern to what's going wrong.

Apple Watch Studio
Apple Watch Studio

Presumably tied to the unusually limited availability of the new Apple Watch Series 7, Apple's online Apple Watch Studio is not allowing users to choose certain configurations of Watch, material, and band. There are signs that it is related to specific bands, but that can't be confirmed as different users are getting different results.

Apple Watch Studio is available on every Apple Watch order page under the Create your style button. It's meant to break down choosing the right Apple Watch into steps, starting with which size case, then which material, and finally the right band.

However, two users simultaneously trying to order the same combination of choices, can get different results. One might be able to place an order -- although delivery dates are slipping further back -- but the other cannot.

In that case, the ability to add the Watch to Apple's shopping basket is simply not available.

Other than waiting for supplies to reach normal levels, there are two options. One, as found by multiple AppleInsider staff, and also Reddit users, is to switch to a different band.

That may immediately allow the new configuration to be ordered.

The other option is to wait until the new Apple Watch is in stores. Even with online delivery dates slipping, Apple continues to say that at least most configurations will be available at retail.

AppleInsider sources say that this is true, but not all stores will have all configurations. It will reportedly vary greatly from store to store, and possibly from country to country.

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    I was exasperated at trying to “Add To Bag”. This has happened before in previous years on both iPhone as well as Apple Watch attempts to pre-order. I called a colleague during the process and even though he started his attempt 10 minutes after the hour—9 minutes after I started my attempts—he completed his order quickly. 

    Another frustration is the Online Store not opening on the hour (for correct opening time in my time zone). Two years ago, I kept refreshing both the Safari page and the Store App, and store appeared offline for well over an hour.  I called the same colleague during that process and he got online a few minutes after the hour and placed an order. 

    In all cases past and present, I had to order by telephone.  This time I got through with no waiting and placed my order, although I had to switch watchbands.

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    guyrguyr Posts: 50member
    I agree on the online store, I found the App on the iPhone was still not on time, but was quicker to refresh.  But it was harder to search and configure items if you didn't want the 'pre built' models.
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    jamnapjamnap Posts: 82member
    Very disappointed with Apple’s App ordering process.  Just let me order a series 7 body of choice without a band I get all my bands from Nomad).  Apple’s Watch 7 announcements overall were so confusing one has to wonder what the management teams there are thinking.
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    emoelleremoeller Posts: 570member
    Turns out the best way to pre-order anything is through the Apple Store app (iOS or iPadOS).  It is the first to go live and the easiest to navigate through to complete order process.

    Question -  I am assuming that the older bands (two sizes) still work with these latest (two new screen sizes) watches.  

    Request -  Apple should offer an OPTION for new naked watches  (without bands) as most of us have a nice band collection.   They should still offer the opportunity to purchase a newer band (at a discount to the stand alone price, which is what they do now) when ordering a new watch.

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    guyrguyr Posts: 50member
    emoeller said:
    Question -  I am assuming that the older bands (two sizes) still work with these latest (two new screen sizes) watches.  

    If you look at the new 45mm ( and some of the 44mm) bands on the site, it says compatible with 42, 44 & 45mm watches.  I guess it will all depend on the size of your original band and which watch you are using and whether a) The magnets align up  b) It doesn't give up play / support at the outer edges of the case, you don't want it twisting.
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