M1X MacBook Pro and more: What to expect from Apple's 'Unleashed' event on Monday



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    doggonedoggone Posts: 314member
    Dang, November is going to be an expensive month. Maybe just an early Xmas. 
    Line me up for two 16 inch MBPs and airpod3. 
    Can’t wait till Monday. 
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    I didn't follow the rumors about this but that big iMac that others are talking about here with this beefier processor is imminent just like the 'Mac Mini Pro' (I need this latter like hell :D ). Cool, 5 more days and it will turn out! Can't wait! :D
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    I predict that Apple will not announce a new car next week.

    You can quote me on that. 
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    mjtomlinmjtomlin Posts: 2,504member
    Not buying the M1X rumor. Except for the A12Z, new A-series variants have always been based on the current generation architecture. There's no reason they would do any different for the Mac. If there was ever going to be an M1X it would been released mid-cycle. At this point, with the release of the A15, there's no point in it. I can't imagine Apple would put an older architecture in brand new "pro" Macs. Older SoC's are usually always reserved for "cheaper" lower end models.

    All new Macs will have an M2 and the M1 will stick around (as is) only on the low end.

    Top "justify" fabrication costs Apple needs to make these SoCs in volume... For example the M1 is now used in 5 systems: MBA, MBP13, mini, iMac, iPad Pro. Apple will do the same with the M2 and push it into as many systems as possible to increase volume; MBA, MBP, iMac, iMac Pro, and mini. And the M1 remains in low-end models of MBA, mini, and iMac.
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    entropysentropys Posts: 3,228member
    Agree. I would be a little disappointed if the MBP SOC is based on the A14 architecture rather than the A15.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 9,713member
    We know one thing for sure regarding tomorrow’s event. Because of a wild and crazy rumor mill, impossible expectations by armchair engineers, and an irrational desire to be bowled over by any new product, whatever is announced will be described as underwhelming and disappointing by anonymous tech blog scribblers. You can take that to the bank. In fact it’s already happening in this thread. It will only intensify after the event.
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    robabarobaba Posts: 216member
    entropys said:
    Agree. I would be a little disappointed if the MBP SOC is based on the A14 architecture rather than the A15.

    Think of it as being based on the M1.  Would it suddenly appear as a superset of M2 even though M2 has not shipped?  Just because M1 derived from A14 doesn’t mean it will continue to derive from each proceedingA generation.  The M chips represent a hardware fork that might be developed in parallel, but certainly not in series with the A.
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    I would buy AirPods Pro 2 if they stayed in my ears better. The AirPods Pro fall out of my ears very easily. I bought some Comply foam tips which stay in my ears better but are not perfect. I need something that can go into my ear canal so that they definitely won’t fall out of my ears. Shure ear buds go into the ear canal but cost several hundred dollars and they even have a pair that costs $1,000. That Shure sounds pricey. 
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    Based on lead times slipping to over a month for nearly any custom 27" iMac on the Apple.com site, I am expecting the new large-screen ARM-based iMacs tomorrow!  We shall see in ~12 hours!  Where there's smoke, there's fire?
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    I know it probably won’t happen, but I want an apple external display (consumer grade…) sooo badly.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 9,713member
    tpurdy said:
    I know it probably won’t happen, but I want an apple external display (consumer grade…) sooo badly.
    If Apple were to announce a monitor it would immediately be savaged. Just look at what happened with the XDR Pro monitor. Even though the specs were there, even though it performed favorably with professional reference monitors that cost three times as much, it was savaged for its price and the stand. Any ‘consumer grade’ monitor Apple would release would likely cost more than an LG or Dell would be savaged by the tech blog troglodytes.

    I think Apple is no longer interested in the peripherals market. Apple used to make monitors, printers, digital cameras, routers, modems, etc. No more.
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