Apple hints at Apple Music app for gaming consoles

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More evidence of an impending Apple Music debut on Playstation, Xbox and other consoles surfaced on Monday when Apple updated promotional materials to reference compatibility with gaming hardware.

Apple Music

As noted by The Verge's Tom Warren in a tweet, Apple recently updated its website with new information regarding Apple Music availability, saying the service can be accessed "on many popular streaming devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles if they support the Apple Music app." Apple has in the past touted compatibility with Windows and Android devices, Sonos speakers, Amazon Echo, Google Nest and smart TVs, but the gaming console reference is a new addition.

Last week, PlayStation 5 users began to report the appearance of an Apple Music option when setting up music streaming on their console. A dialog box inviting users to download the Apple Music app has since been spotted by multiple people, but selecting the option results in an error message. Reports are sporadic and AppleInsider was unable to trigger the option, suggesting the feature is currently in development.

It is unclear when Apple plans to announce an Apple Music app for gaming systems, but the company has already made inroads for its other flagship streaming product, Apple TV+.

Apple currently offers an Apple TV app for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and previously partnered with Sony to promote the video subscription service for PS5 owners. The premium service arrived on Microsoft's Xbox platform with the launch of Xbox Series X and Series S.

Earlier today, Apple announced the Apple Music Voice Plan, a $5.99 subscription service accessed and controlled entirely through Siri.

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    For those people who feel Apple is a monopoly, do they welcome or not welcome Apple's services being available on other OS platforms?
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    Small typo alert… The Voice Plan is $4.99 not $5.99..
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    Apple Music app for Tesla please
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