Google Play drops all subscription commissions to 15% from day one



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    sflocal said:
    Fully agree.  As a developer myself, the whining coming from the weekend-developers and McSweeney is embarrassing.  I remember the store model's of old where packaged software and distribution of that software makes the 30% App Store fee look like a complete bargain.  Apple has nothing to be apologetic for.  Apple's popularity comes from CUSTOMERS, and not developers.  Apple's App Store gives developers access to countless customers with disposable income.  Unlike Android, Apple uses its own hardware, OS, and App Store.  It's a packaged toaster.  Developers should not have a say in telling Apple how to run its hugely successful ecosystem.   If you don't like how the App Store works, then go elsewhere.  Apple owns iOS, not you.  Want to side-load apps?  Then jailbreak your phone and be quiet. 
    Google's change doesn't affect small developers at all. But both Google and Apple will soon be required to allow external payment systems so large developers can send their customers to the web to make subscription purchases. Google and Apple will need to choose a magic number for their commissions to disincentivize large developers from setting up external payment systems. Maybe Google switching to 15% subscriptions will help Google, maybe not. If the sub commission was 5%, large developers would likely not bother sending customers to the web for subscriptions. And Google and Apple would make 5% from subs rather than 0% as looks likely now.

    Your statement that selling apps is so much better now than 2 decades ago is correct; but that doesn't mean Apple shouldn't compete with Google for developer mindshare.
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