Apple's 'iPhone SE 3' may be based on iPhone XR, and be last LCD model

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A new industry report says that the "iPhone SE 3" may have more of a chassis redesign than expected, bringing Touch ID to a side button, and being Apple's last-ever LCD iPhone.

iPhone SE

Apple has long been reported to be working on an "iPhone SE 3," which is expected to have an LCD screen, and A15 processor. It's also been claimed that it will support 5G, too.

However, previous reports all predicted that the external design of the new model would be unchanged from the current iPhone SE 2. Specifically, the reports were that it would continue to have the iPhone 8-style casing, with a 4.7-inch display.

Now Chinese technology site MyDrivers reports that the redesign will be more pronounced.

"[The] latest rumors are that it is based on the iPhone XR and equipped with side fingerprints," says the site (in translation), "of course, the front Face ID is not ruled out."

The site also says that there will be a 64GB model, which will be priced at 3299 yuan, or approximately $515. It claims that this will be the final iPhone to have an LCD screen, instead of the newer OLED displays.

MyDrivers says that its information comes via Fast Technology, does not indicate where the rumors original from. The site has previously had some success regarding Apple's plans, such as when it reported the iPad Air 4 would have USB-C.

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    It would make sense. in 2022 phone with big bezels would look weird. They will keep current SE in sale maybe.

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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,617member
    Some segment of people need cheaper iPhone with 5G who are happy with physical touch id so iPhone SE3 can do it.
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    jccjcc Posts: 301member
    Too big. Enough with the jumbo phones!
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    I would be very down for this! I love my XR and haven’t really felt a need to upgrade. And for however much I like Face ID in a post pandemic world this would honestly be my preferred way of unlocking my phone. 
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    jcc said:
    Too big. Enough with the jumbo phones!
    So sorry to hear that you are being forced to buy one. /s
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