Meta's Zuckerberg takes shots at Apple App Store fees, maintains its own



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    suckaberg is a shapeshifting lizard creature. how many hours did they need to humanize his presentation. he looks like an graphics generated twat 
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    So… Facebook Meta is just ancient Playatation Home with AR glasses tied into Facebook. 


    People didn’t dig it then and they won’t now. 

    Tech is supposed to make life easier and better. Not to lock you into fake stuff everywhere - especially when Facebook is supposedly telling you the facts about the world. They aren’t good at honesty. 

    Apple is wildly successful because they create tech to enhance life. Not to gather your info in order to spy while smoke screening with “gee whiz” nerdvomit. 

    Twitter needs to take a break as well. 

    Time for some new players. Hopefully objective snd transparent. But that seems to be a tall order these days. 

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    I agree with all of the disparaging descriptions and categorizations of Zuckerberg- lest we forget how he stole and cheated the Facebook founding from his days at Harvard. Actually the world needs less Meta Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and more hands-on real world reality. Are we as a society to become a population of drones imprisoned wearing Occulus goggles with our butts firmly anchored to a soft cushy chair? Zuckerberg is morally bankrupt as CEO of Facebook and the world should think twice about using any of his products that enhance his personal wealth and power.
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    It is bad, every time I see the zuck, like seeing the epic dude, I feel like I want to throw up a little in my mouth. Meta? I guess he should have named it what he really wanted to call it, Meta-data. I hate to be this way but he brings it our in me. I sure hope Apples ATT really hurts Facebook. 
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    Facebook inc is the best example of why you don't surround yourself with yes-men. It's dead, we're all just waiting for the funeral.
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    Apple's closed ecosystem was also criticized by the Zuck. Apple is an easy target right now with its massive profits and anti-customer/anti-developer rules and fees.
    I don't hear consumers complaining about app rules & fees.  I generally only hear small time developers who want everything free & handed to them on a plate (you).

    Recent surveys show Apple consumers appreciate & buy Apple products for the security & privacy (recent article on Apple Insider).
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