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I need some study break what are some good downloadable games, first person, or flight sims?


On a side note my roommate just got a new PC labtop, that is about the same size as my 12inch ibook, but when I used it the other day, I couldn't stand the keyboard, XP, the mouse, and the wireless set up took him days to get up and running. Where as mine took about half an hour when I realized what I was doing. I've already gotten three people to switch after my glowing reports of OSX.


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    Well... first person flight sims aren't exactly a common type of game, especially recently, especially for OS X, and especially free ones. I doubt you'll find one of those.

    However, here are some free/shareware games that are pretty fun:

    1) Anything by Ambrosia Software (well, almost anything). They've got EV Nova, Deimos Rising, and some others (those are my two favorites).

    2) JewelToy, a free version of the popular game "Bejeweled." This one is a bit of a puzzle game where the screen is filled with jewels and you're supposed to swap the positions of two jewels to make a line of three or more in a row

    3) Snood. Really addictive.

    4) Scramble. You're presented with six letters and you make as many anagrams (using any three or more of the letters) as possible. This one is really fun too.

    5) Racer. This is pretty fun, it's still in a developing stage but it's a very realistic car driving simulator with excellent physics being made concurrently for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Check it out.

    And I stumbled across a really good find here at the Macintosh Garden. None of these games are OS X native... but most are so non-demanding that they'll run super-smooth in Classic mode. That really good find was Spaceway 2000, an old space game where you fly around and race to the end of each level. It's an interesting combination of a race and an old top-down space combat game.
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