AirPods are no longer cool, claim people who can't afford them



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    I can afford Air Pods and have never thought of them as cool but that is just my own choice. I just don't like sticking things into my ears. Over the ear headphones? yes but never anything in my ears. Again, that is a personal choice.
    That said, what exactly are the requirements for something to be 'cool'?

    To paraphrase a saying 'coolness is in the eye of the beholder.'

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    Ah well, that's just trends and not a complete shift.

    With people working at home more and more, perhaps there is less of a need for lower-quality-but-wireless-on-the-go earbuds, and people instead go for high sound quality, wired ones.

    Having said that, I find the AirPods to be one of Apple's best products. I use them every day (the 2nd gen standard one) and I love 'm. 
    I use my studio monitors on my desktop computer for when I need HQ sound.

    What bothers me is the headline though. That's just a cheap, polarising and biased "AppleInsider fanboy" headline. Was that really necessary? 
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