Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon - what to expect, and when it might be announc...



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    lkrupp said:
    My late 2013 27” iMac 14,2, stuck on Catalina, is begging to be replaced. Already have the go-ahead from the CEO of the household, my wife. 
    My sentiments precisely! Checkbook is replenished and ready, as you stated my late 2013  27" and Catalina is boring and getting tired, CEO has signed off, the only other thing I would hope for is the colors. Keep the space grey or silver, but make the colors available for those that may want them.
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    Yet another eager to upgrade iMac guy. My 27" 5k is late 2015, just squeaking into Monterey OS. I'll probably buy whatever they come up with (in the offered range), but here are my prefs.

    • Chin / notch - I don't give a flying fork. 
    • Stand - can definitely be improved.  I'd appreciate a free option for a standard vesa mount, and I'd go for a desk mounted arm in a flash.
    • Has to be a next generation M series!  M2, or pro/max upgrade option at least.  I'm suspecting new models this year, especially a popular config like the big iMac will be M2.  Fine....  Should still blaze for reasonable cost. 
    • Monitor size. 27" is OK, but was definitely hoping for a bump up since the smaller went up.  30/32 would be great - more important is the screen type - hopefully the new tech micro LED wide dynamics.
    • Color - meh.  Not silver would be a nice change of pace.
    • bezel - Nice to slim it down a bit, But I really don't mind a BLACK edge to my screen. 
    • Connectors - honestly, I'm fine without so many built in, especially if they are on the back...  I use a dock anyway for anything that goes in and out frequently.  Ideally, Apple would make their own tailored front facing connections thunderbolt 4 expansion dock and keep it within reasonable price range.  
    • external power brick - makes sense for me, heat, replaceable, neater thin look overall on body.
    • Speedy internal SSD - please don't burn us with the size upgrades. 
    • RAM - upgradeable, outsource options pretty please.  I want 32gb without breaking the bank. 
    Bring it on when I'm feeling a bit flush. I usually go middle of the pack offerings, but it will depend on how ambitious the baseline model is, and what the upgrades look like.  Hopefully it isn't a money grab on just bigger SSD and RAM that a video pro needs...
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