Something Is Fishy.... (iPod)



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    But tomorrow is Wednesday!

    Any chance that Apple could double up the Conference Call for the 2nd Quarter Financial Results with a *little announcement*? hmmmmm?
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    Originally posted by jwdawso

    The Apple Store indicator is still ON - now 7 - 10 days.


    The confluence of rumors, and now that...

    It is no accident that I am a RedSox fan... I am so used to saying "this is the year!"

    Perhaps... "This is the month!"


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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member

    Originally posted by Mandricard

    Perhaps... "This is the month!"

    Mandricard: I really think that the confluence of rumors you point out, combined with the longer delivery times from Apple's online store, will make April 2003 the month of the second generation iPod. If not on April 22, we'll see it on April 29.

    Hasn't Apple introduced new products a few short days after discussing quarterly financials in a call with analysts? I seem to remember expecting a new product during a conference call, but not getting it until a few days later (Xserve maybe?). Finally, I can see Apple wanting to conclude the last quarter, so to speak, before venturing into the unchartered waters of online music sales and new iPods.

    There are quite a few pent-up announcement that should come out of Cupertino in the next two weeks: updated iBooks, updated eMacs (maybe with iMacs), and last but not least new iPods with online music sales. Who knows in what order they will come?

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    Big NEWS:

    Gravis (, a big German Apple Reseller droped the price of the iPod more than 100 EUR (about 100$) today.

    Quote from


    Gravis hat die aktuellen iPods in einer Osteraktion jeweils um über 100 Euro im Preis gesenkt. Dass dieses Angebot mit einer Preissenkung seitens Apple zusammenhängen muss, ist offensichtlich. Bei einer Anfrage wurde uns dies auch von Gravis bestätigt.

    It says that this offer has to do with a price reduction from Apple. Gravis confirmed it.
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    Das ist echt toll! Danke für die gute Nachricht, macrescue. Thanks for the good news.

    A 100 euro price reduction across the iPod-board seems too high for a simple Easter promotion. So's claim that Gravis confirmed that the price reduction came from Apple's end is plausible. If it's marketed as an Easter promotion, we might get the new iPods as early as Tuesday, April 22 (the day after Easter Monday, when the sale would be over). Or Gravis could raise the price again, until Apple officially introduces new iPods a few weeks from now. It's impossible to predict.

    I'm almost ready to start to holding my breath...

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    Went to the Apple Store Germany,36

    The price for a 20 Gig iPod was 650 Euros. Even at a 100 Euros less the price would be a lot! Maybe the price competition is getting to them.
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    Also currency fluctuations could be responsible. The Euro went from about 90 cents to $1.10 in the last two years. If the prices had not been adjusted, the relative costs between the markets really would have gotten out of whack.
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    jwdawsojwdawso Posts: 388member
    Apple Store now has iBooks at 3-5 days....

    iBooks this week, iPods next week!
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    If you guys really want to know, Apple Australia a few weeks ago dropped the 5G model, and dropped the price of the 10G by $200AU.

    And there hasn't been stock ANYWHERE of the iPod here since last year.

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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    According to Think Secret, Friday, May 2 will see a hands-on in-store event at all Apple Stores. This apparently means that Apple will likely announce its music download service and new iPods on Monday, April 28, or Tuesday, April 29. The new iPods will then be available for sale at Apple Stores three or four days later. Think Secret's theory sure makes sense.

    Less than two weeks until Mandricard can buy his new iPod.

    I have officially started holding my breath.

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    bperkinsbperkins Posts: 110member
    Here they come! Maccentral got a...Special Invitation for next Monday 4/28/03
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member

    Originally posted by bperkins

    Here they come! Maccentral got a...Special Invitation for next Monday 4/28/03

    The press invitation mentioned on MacCentral certainly seals April 28 as the announcement date (note how I used "seals" instead of "confirms" ). Looks like my next Apple purchase might be a new iPod instead of a new PowerBook or desktop.

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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    Hppy-Happy, Joy-Joy
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    Seals? wonk, wonk!
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    Well, Reuters is now jumping in the fray. One of the quoted record company executives claims that Apple's music download service will initially only be available on the Mac.

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    jwdawsojwdawso Posts: 388member

    Originally posted by jwdawso

    Apple Store now has iBooks at 3-5 days....

    iBooks this week, iPods next week!

    Now I'll say CONFIRMED to part 1.
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    mandricardmandricard Posts: 486member
    Dear Moderators, et. al.,

    I would like to let the '"fellowship of the AI boards" know that I have replaced my trusty 5 Gig iPod which died so valiantly at the beginning of this thread with a new and totally hip 15 gig. I am pleased as punch. To all who stuck with this thread for however many pages, and three and a half months, it kept my good old hope springing and I am glad I waited.

    Hope sprung eternal, and continues to.


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    retrograderetrograde Posts: 503member
    Congratulations Mandricard!!!

    I'm truly glad that hope sprung true for you and look forward some day in the not too distant future to spring for my very own 15 gig iPod
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    whoamiwhoami Posts: 301member
    i'm very happy for you Mandricard!

    i hopefully will have one soon!

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