Advice needed wrt 16” MacBook Pro

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I have just bought my first new Mac since 2009. I know.

I am concerned about longevity and storage. I don’t want to buy another Mac for at least 5 years. Because of this I bought a 16” MBP with the 1TB option.

In today’s cloud storage environment, is Time Machine necessary?

I have bought a low-profile Micro SSD card adapter that fits flush with the machine. There are 1TB Micro SSD cards that are compatible. Would it be worth it to use a 1TB Micro SD permanently installed as a Time Machine Drive? Or should I further upgrade my iCloud storage instead and just rely on that for backup?

Thanks for any other advice wrt my lovely new machine.


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    I meant Micro SD
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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,223member
    iCloud is not a Backup. It is just another place to store stuff. If you delete something there, or a file you need gets corrupted or accidentally changed (like a report you accidentally delete six pages from without realising it before you save the file), it’s gone. 

    If you don’t have at least two copies of something, it wasn’t important (past tense). 
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    Reading a bit more into this topic and it would seem my money is better spent on an NAS for the purpose of backup. The SD Card slot should be used for general storage of low bandwidth media if needed. In this case I think I will buy a much more affordable 512GB Micro SD.

    Not to mention that backing up all my data to the cloud slows down my internet.
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