MacBook Pro production resumes at Quanta's Shanghai plant

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A new report says that Quanta is slowly resuming MacBook Pro production, following the COVID-related shutdowns that have affected suppliers around Shanghai.

Strict coronavirus lockdowns in China have been affecting Apple's suppliers in the region, particularly around Shanghai and Kunshan. The lockdowns have affected different companies, and in different areas, to varying degrees, but fully half of Apple's major suppliers in the area have faced some shutdowns.

Now, according to DigiTimes, Quanta's Shanghai-based plant has begun gradually resuming its production of the MacBook Pro. The publication's unspecified sources "from the upstream supply chain," also say that what it describes as "order pull-ins" are slowly returning.

A pull-in order system typically means that a manufacturer is responding to demand, and so is fulfilling customers' orders. A push system is when the company manufacturers products in anticipation of orders yet to come, such as during the build-up to the launch of a new device.

This suggests that Quanta is at least beginning to catch up with demand, though there are no further details.

Digitimes has a strong track record for its supply chain sources, but a significantly poorer one for the conclusions it draws about Apple's plans.

Quanta has long been a manufacturer of the MacBook Pro for Apple. It's perhaps best known for the incident in 2021, when Apple schematics were stolen from the company.

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    Well, my March 28 MP Pro order that was scheduled for delivery April 14th, and then May 14th, just got pushed out to July. This latest delay happened today, just 1 day after this article was published.
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    scottkscottk Posts: 1member
    Ordered 16" MBP feb 25, originally scheduled to ship early April, then delayed to May, now delayed again to end of June or into July.   Will they have a M2 chip MBP announcement at WWDC22 ?   So my mac will be last generation by the time I actually get it ??

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