TwelveSouth's Curve Flex stand raises your MacBook Pro to eye-level

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TwelveSouth has launched the Curve Flex, a MacBook Pro stand that can raise the heigh by up to 22 inches off the desk, and at angles of up to 45 degrees.

TwelveSouth Curve Flex

Intended both for working from home and in the office, the Curve Flex is a three-section stand that can elevate and angle the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to the perfect working position.

At its most compact, the Curve Flex can provide a flat working area, or could be angled by up to 45 degrees, depending on your preferred typing angle.

Its main party trick is to use both of its hinges to raise the height of the MacBook Pro off the work surface, while also still providing a wide array of working angles. At its highest, the top of a 14-inch MacBook Pro display could align with an external screen like the 27-inch Apple Studio Display.

The ability to raise the MacBook Pro up is also handy for virtual meetings, as it can bring the FaceTime HD camera up to eye level. This can result in a more flattering picture than a lower camera angle looking up.

Weighing 24 ounces and folds flat, the stand is said to be highly portable and usable anywhere there is a flat surface. A neoprene travel sleeve is also included.

Available in matte black or white, the TwelveSouth Curve Flex stand is available for $79.99.

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    I would love to see an in-depth review from AppleInsider with opinions on the design, functionality, and any critiques.  Your reviews have informed my purchases in the past.  

    I have a couple of small stands primarily to get my devices off of the surface of their working area, but having them up higher would definitely be better on my posture whenever I need to directly interact with the MacBooks.  Looking at the design, I would be concerned about stability if typing on the machines directly, the ease of collapsing and expanding the stands, and your impression of their longterm durability. 
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    This is a great solution for Zoom sessions and for use with an external keyboard and mouse.
    Having the camera at a higher position where it’s looking down slightly is ideal. 
    Using a box or tall stack of books to get a reasonable height isn’t. Been there, done that. This is better.

    Mine arrived yesterday. It’s very well made and really nice looking. Solid and much heavier than I expected, but solidly supports a 15” MacBook Pro. The hinges are tight, so there’s no sagging. The neoprene case is a nice touch, but I doubt I’d ever take it anywhere on a regular basis simply because of it’s weight and bulk. I got the black, but wish they had a silver version. Oh, well.

    It’s definitely worth the price!

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