The road to Steve Jobs' resignation, and the rise of Tim Cook as his successor



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    Despite that prediction of three to six months, Jobs actually appeared to recover well over the next couple of years” – aaaaand this is where I stopped reading. That prediction was modified within a day (when doctors discovered that he had a different, much more rare, and much more treatable, form of pancreatic cancer than what they’d first thought). This was mentioned in the commencement speech. It’s well-known. 
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    Excellent writing.  Thank you William 
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    Tim Cook is a great CEO but he did not replace Steve Jobs even a little bit. Gone is the vision, the risk taking and the bold new products that captured the entire world's attention and defined new technology markets. If Jobs was still around we would all be buzzing about Apple's new household robots.
    Imagine saying this with a straight face after Apple Silicon, following the success of the Watch, on the eve of a new Apple XR ecosystem. Unadulterated horseshit as usual.
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    One important thing to say is that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. More importantly, he's no Michael Spindler, John Sculley, Mike Markkula, or Gil Amelio (Thanks be!). As a shareholder, it's gratifying to see Cook leave the vision thing to the visionaries, and run the business. And run the business he has. And he's made Apple investors trillions doing it!
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    melgross said:
    But then, Apple was more his child, then his actual children
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    AAPL around the time of SJ's resignation: ~$55. 

    Now it's (approximately) four times that.
    Not even close. Split adjusted, on August 12, 2011, Apple's stock price was $13.46. Today's close was at $176.38.

    Total gain: 13.1 times, not four! Hope you invested then!
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