Mophie's new powerstation plus will charge three devices, simultaneously

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Mophie's new powerstation plus is a portable battery bank incorporating two types of built-in cables for Apple devices, and a third USB-C port.

mophie powerstation plus
mophie powerstation plus

The powerstation plus has both a built-in Lightning and a USB-C cable to charge iPad, iPhone, and USB-C accessories. It's a convenient way to charge multiple devices using just one power bank.

The device can charge two devices at once using the two built-in cables. The USB-C Power Delivery port can also be used to charge devices, such as AirPods or an Apple Watch, although the company doesn't include a cable for either of those devices in the package.

Both cables can deliver up to 20W of power, with a maximum shared output of 27W when a combination of two or more cables or ports are used. The company claims the 10,000mAh charger can provide power for up to 43 hours of video playback.

It also features an integrated four-light LED power indicator, displaying the charging status and the current battery life.

Pricing & Availability

The powerstation plus is available through ZAGG for for $79.95, and will be sold on Apple's online store later in October.

The powerstation plus is the latest addition to Mophie's line of powerstation products. In September, the company released other charging solutions for Apple devices, including the powerstation mini and powerstation wireless stand.

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    JP234JP234 Posts: 1,457member
    I have another solution: Get a 2 outlet USB-C wall plate (with Power Delivery). Costs about $45, takes 5 minutes to install. Then all you need is 4 cables: USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to USB-A, USB-C to Lightning, and USB-C to Micro USB. Total cost is about the same.
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    This doesn't feel particularly innovative in 2022. My iWalk portable battery bank from a few years ago which I bought in flight (Singapore Airlines?) has USB-C and Lightning cables built in, plus a USB-A cable too for charging it (in case I can't find a cable to charge it).
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