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On the latest episode of HomeKit Insider, we revisit Apple's HomeKit features arriving in iOS 15 and tvOS 15, break down the new Sonos Beam, and answer some fan-submitted questions.

HomeKit Insider

This past week, the Tedee smart lock gained support for Apple HomeKit. This lock, currently not available in the U.S., was updated via firmware to support HomeKit and won't require any new hardware.

Sonos also introed a new version of its popular Beam soundbar. The Beam Gen. 2 includes support for Dolby Atmos, AirPlay 2, and NFC for quick setup among other new features and improved audio.

On Monday, Apple is also set to release iOS 15, tvOS 15, and a new update for HomePod which carry new features for HomeKit users. On the show, we talk through what features can expect once the updates go live.

Finally, before getting to listener questions, Andrew reviews the ReST smart mattress that can automatically adjust itself throughout the night based on your movements.

Listener questions

Several listeners wrote in this week with annecdotes and questions.

Tyler Waltz wrote in to let us know of a great example, using HomeBridge, to make decorations or light fixutres work with HomeKit. He uses the Sonoff Wi-Fi switch to control things such as his stove light that previously would not work with HomeKit.

Derek Means wants to know why the Home app doesn't show more detailed accessory information that is available through third-party HomeKit apps such as camera orientation.

Ian recommended to use cat6e cables when wiring a home, providing good future-proofing without beind prohibitively expensive.

David wants to know of any Thread-enabled HomeKit buttons that he could use to control his smart home.

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    I currently use the Tedee lock and was able to update it to add Homekit functionality.
    It is a very compact product. Easy to install and use. Just awaiting for the entry keypad to be added later this year to complete my home set up.
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    adeqadeq Posts: 1member
    bdbismuth said:
    Just awaiting for the entry keypad to be added later this year to complete my home set up.

    The keypad is available now: https://tedee.com/product/keypad/

    I use it in my rental flat and am satisfied. I no longer have to hand over the keys to guests in person - I just give them the access code.
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