Ridley Scott rented out a whole town to film an Apple TV+ show

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Director Ridley Scott's "Sinking Spring" series for Apple TV+ is reportedly completing production, which involved renting out an entire town.

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott

As part of the first-look deal Apple TV+ signed with Scott's production company in 2020, the streamer is making a crime drama written by "Top Gun: Maverick" writer, Peter Craig. While Apple has not announced any details, it's reported that production on the pilot episode alone cost $50 million.

According to World of Reel, that $50 million went on two weeks of shooting. Apple is said to have rented out a whole town, including hiring its police and fire department, and to have blown up a house.

Filming began in early February in Philadelphia. Reportedly, five on-set camera crews filmed the show simultaneously, with a total crew of 280 people. Between them, they filmed two dozen setups a day, where a setup is one repositioning of cameras, lights, and sound.

If correct, the pilot is a fast-paced, high-pressure production. It's not clear whether subsequent episodes will work the same, will have the same budget, and it's not even known how many episodes there will be.

Ridley Scott is directing one episode, though, as well as executive producing. "Sinking Spring" stars Brian Tyree Henry from "This is Us" and "Atlanta."

The series reportedly follows two friends who pose as DEA agents while they rob a house. Their con happens to uncover an enormous drug operation. It's based on the book "Dope Thief" by Dennis Tafoya.

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    sbdudesbdude Posts: 199member
    So . . . what was the town?
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,634member
    I find it really weird that the author lists “This Is Us” as one of Brian Tyree Henry’s roles. It was one episode from very early in his career, and no one even remembers it. How about using “Causeway” instead? The Apple TV+ movie? That he’s nominated for an Oscar for?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,959moderator
    sbdude said:
    So . . . what was the town?
    The following site says a town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania:


    This isn't far from a town with the same name as the movie:


    That town only has around 4,000 people in it. They could have paid them $10k each to take a 2 week vacation. It could have been another town in the same area though.
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    sbdude said:
    So . . . what was the town?
    Don’t ask silly Question, NYC for sure 😌.
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    They were working in West Philadelphia for a couple weeks on Market Street and nearby blocks. They are back setting up to film again under the EL ( Market Frankford Line) train. It was a huge crew early February and they changed the block around for it. I spoke with some of the extras . It should be a interesting project!! :)
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    sbdude said:
    So . . . what was the town?
    It's Bedminster Township (Ottsville area), PA.  They are just now wrapping up filming.
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    sbdude said:
    So . . . what was the town?

    Don't know what town the author meant, but they occupied Ottsville PA for a while (closing it down, creating fake stores, much filming) and rented at least the police department, paying $100 an hour to the town per officer.
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