Nomad Stand One review: A luxe MagSafe charging stand

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Nomad's newly-launched Stand One is a sleek charging solution for your iPhone that uses Apple's magnetic MagSafe technology to its fullest extent.

Nomad Stand One
Nomad Stand One

The Stand One joins Nomad's other MagSafe chargers, such as the flat Base One or the Base One Max with integrated Apple Watch puck.

It's essentially an updated version of Nomad's last MagSafe stand, but rather than using your own MagSafe puck, the puck is built-in.

Nomad Stand One charging from the back
Nomad Stand One charging

Nomad uses aluminum to craft the body of the Base One, which is available in a Carbide gray color or a light silver. The white charging puck blends better into the silver version as it contrasts with the near-black Carbide surface.

Apple technically allows manufacturers to use alternative surfaces and colors for MagSafe, but adoption has been slow. There are likely behind-the-scenes hurdles to getting Apple's approval on such chargers.

Charging iPhone with Nomad Stand One
Charging iPhone with Nomad Stand One

So far Anker has been the only one to bring devices to market that are MFi-certified but don't have the stark white puck.

Behind the puck but on top of the aluminum body is a polished glass surface. It's glossy from the front with rounded edges. On the Carbide model, the glass is black and white on the silver version.

Nomad has seemingly integrated additional weight into Stand One. The device tips the scales at over 600 grams, equivalent to 1.3 pounds and some change.

Nomad Stand One with phone in landscape
Nomad Stand One with phone in landscape

When you lift your iPhone from Stand One, the stand stays in place unless you try to pull directly out -- at which point it may slightly tilt forward. A rubber foot also helps keep it from moving.

While a cable is bundled, a power supply is not. You'll need to provide your own 20W USB-C brick. Nomad, of course, is happy to upsell you one of its own.

We recommend a dual-output USB-C charger so you can power up a wired device while supplying power to the Stand One.

Stop with the integrated cables

Our sole gripe with this charger is its lack of a removable cable. Nomad has created a svelte, braided USB-C cable that terminates directly into the rear of the charger.

If something happens to the cable, your expensive charger will end up in the trash.

Nomad Stand One has an integrated cable
Nomad Stand One has an integrated cable

This is a fair compromise on a cheap charger, but you shouldn't have this frustrating limitation when paying for such a luxury charger. This device should last years, past the lifespan of an ordinary USB cable.

Place and charge

Cable aside, there's plenty to love about Stand One. The back panel is angled at 21 degrees, just enough for a comfortable viewing angle.

We tried making a FaceTime call using the Stand One perched on our desk, and we were perfectly in the camera frame. The Stand One tilted back enough so that our chest wasn't center stage.

MagSafe can deliver up to 15W of wireless power, twice that of your standard Qi charger. It's only slightly slower than a USB-C to Lightning fast charger but is more convenient.

Watching Ted Lasso on Nomad Stand One
Watching Ted Lasso on Nomad Stand One

Your phone easily sits vertically, or you can twist it into landscape orientation. When in landscape position, it's an excellent choice for binging TV or watching a movie.

Should you buy the Nomad Stand One?

There's no denying the incredible craftsmanship and quality that has gone into Stand One from Nomad. It's thoughtfully designed, with premium materials and official Apple components.

We love the glossy glass top surface that perfectly fits against the weighted aluminum body. It has elegant curves that make it feel modern yet warm.

MagSafe also gets you the fastest possible wireless charging speeds on your iPhone. By all means, this is a near-perfect charging stand for your iPhone.

Nomad Stand One box
Nomad Stand One in box

At the same time, we're tired of expensive chargers that integrate the cable into the device with no way of replacing, repairing, or swapping it. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it does detract from an otherwise excellent device.

Nomad Stand One - Pros

  • Build quality is second-to-none

  • Unique look

  • Official Magsafe components

  • Up to 15W charging speed

Nomad Stand One - Cons

  • No power adapter provided

  • Fully-integrated cable

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy

Pick up the new Nomad Stand One from the company's website for $109.95 in Carbide and silver.

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  • Reply 1 of 2
    neilmneilm Posts: 989member
    The integrated cable would kill it for me. Can't replace a damaged cable, no choice of cable length, no choice of USB-A vs. C.
  • Reply 2 of 2
    jdiamondjdiamond Posts: 129member
    I wish people would design an official magnetic "pass through" system so that you could stack multiple MagSafe devices - it's such a pain to have to keep ripping them off the back and swapping them, e.g. removing a magnetic pop-socket stand to add a battery back pack.  You could go a long way even if only the first one actually provided power, but all of them included additional magnets on the back for further stacking.
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