New Apple Health-compatible Withings scale offers weight & body composition analysis

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Health company Withings has launched a new Apple Health compatible smart scale to provide weight and body composition measurements -- and even an "Eyes Closed" mode.

The Body Smart scale
The Body Smart scale

The Body Smart scale is the newest addition to the company's line of scales, offering multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sensors. The technology is a fast way to measure body composition by examining fat and fat-free body mass and other measurements.

Body Smart's improved body composition analysis includes the measurement of visceral fat, which encircles the internal organs and has been associated with a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease. Body Smart also delivers cardiovascular measurements and analysis by monitoring standing heart rates.

And for the first time, Withings Body Smart will also be able to measure Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR is the number of calories the body burns at rest, providing valuable information about a person's overall metabolic health.

By comparing how many calories a body burns at rest with others of a similar age, Body Smart also uses this to determine metabolic age. After an automatic upgrade, these functionalities will be accessible from May 2023 forward.

Body Smart includes a screen that displays relevant information, but it has an "Eyes Closed Mode" for people who may be uncomfortable with seeing their results. For example, the mode tracks a person's weight in the accompanying app but doesn't display it on the screen.

It also shows encouraging, motivating messages or daily information such as step counts, air quality, and the weather.

Withings Body Smart scale -- Pricing & Availability

The scale is now available from April 18 at $99.95 through Withings or on Amazon.

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    williamhwilliamh Posts: 1,025member
    I would love to know about the accuracy of the body composition analysis.

    I have a Fitbit scale that has a body fat feature but I've found the results are several percent higher than the measurement from an InBody body composition analyzer.  Perhaps FitBit dropped the body fat feature from their product line because it wasn't accurate.  Or maybe InBody is inaccurate but that's actually a medical device so I tend to think that device is accurate.   I like to think that the increase/decreases on in measurement on FitBit are generally correct but who knows?  I can only use the InBody device every few months.  If the Withings scale is reasonably accurate, I might want one.
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    pairof9pairof9 Posts: 74member
    williamh said:
    I would love to know about the accuracy of the body composition analysis…

    Yes, I’m likewise curious, leaning to skeptical, on the accuracy and value of these results. I have a Renpho model and before that, a Yunmai smart scale that offered similar readings; but honestly, these stats were all over the place. Even after losing 20+ lbs, the Yunmai stated my BMI at the same place. Likewise, the blood pressure devices I’ve used have a small-to-moderate deviation in readings.

    Bottom line for me is that I use these devices’ readings as average indicators to my health status…should my BP read high on them over a couple of mornings, then I’ll use a more standard, trusted (manual) device to double-check the reading.
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    jamnapjamnap Posts: 82member
    I think this article is missing some very important info: I believe this scales required a $10 monthly subscription fee for all the health data to be collected and sync’d
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    williamhwilliamh Posts: 1,025member
    jamnap said:
    I think this article is missing some very important info: I believe this scales required a $10 monthly subscription fee for all the health data to be collected and sync’d
    I would need to know this as a subscription would be a complete dealbreaker.  No freaking way am I paying a subscription for a scale.
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    iOS_Guy80iOS_Guy80 Posts: 800member
    Paid $99 for the Body+ model in Dec. Read about this new scale and something about a subscription.
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    AlexeyVAlexeyV Posts: 12member
    Well, I have Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2. It’s do the job. So, why pay more?
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    The headline implies that this scale’s Apple Health compatibility is a new thing, but every Withings scale has been “Apple Health compatible. I have their first scale and the scale data imports.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,088member
    They had a similar scale a few years ago. Seems that after it went to market, some regulators told them they were making unsubstantiated claims and the body composition feature had to be removed. To Withings credit, they did offer refunds to buyers, which I accepted.  I'd assume this time around all the i's were dotted, and the features will work as advertised. 
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