Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors



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    Alex_VAlex_V Posts: 196member
    cg27 said:
    This is a game changer.

    Can’t wait to be immersed in SCUBA scenes, space odyssey scenes, intense gaming, all with spatial sound - will be incredible.

    Couple with a zero gravity chair and you’ll float away.

    And for VanLifers and RV folks this will provide a level of entertainment and productivity not possible in their small confines.

    Seems EyeSight is completely unnecessary for most use cases and therefore will be axed in future versions, not unlike the TouchBar on MacBook Pros.
    Agreed. You made me think of the iMax movie catalogue — such as the Space Station footage — will be fantastic on the Apple headset.
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    danoxdanox Posts: 2,388member
    I don't think Apple stated what the field of view on this is?
    From the demo it seems you will be surrounded from left to right with far peripheral vision, as well as top to bottom. 
    Something like the image below, so in other words total immersion. If this is the case, then Apple have a serious breakthrough here.

    Field of view comparisons The field of vision of a human white   Download Scientific Diagram

    It is expensive, but I will get one when available in Australia. Based on US to AU FX conversion, it'll be about $5.5K to 6K here. 
    Some are saying in the current state these are for developers and "early adopters" paving the way for less costly units in the future. That hasn't been the Apple MO though.
    The presenter said something at the end of the presentation - the gist of what he said was that if you were to get a huge 4K tv, 5.1/7.1 speaker setup etc it wouldn't even come close to what the Vision Pro offers, He may be right. However, where this falls apart is that the average family size is 4. So for a family of 4 to interact with each other, you're talking a huge investment. 
    It took about 15 to 20 years before most families got their first really good home computer (1) around the year 1995-2000, this new device may take about the same amount of time to filter in. A lot of families today still only have one really good (up-to-date) computer at home even today. The revolution has really come with smartphones and tablets being auxiliary computers to the one full-size computer at home.
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    y2any2an Posts: 177member
    It’s VisionPro for a reason. High price point (deliberate, to encourage only the serious to buy at launch), and expect Vision at a more reasonable price later. This is a potential Meta-killer by raising awareness of the issues around eye tracking data privacy. 
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,798moderator

    Apple is a platform building monster.  They treat everything as a platform, initially closed for internal use but eventually opened in intelligent and controlled ways to leverage their developer community, which ultimately cements the platform as an integral part of an interconnected and growing ecosystem.

    MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, CarPlay, Siri, ApplePay, WatchOS, TVOS, Apple Music, Maps, HomeKit, HealthKit, Metal, Airplay, Machine Learning, AFS (Apple File System), ARKit, NFC

    and now VisionOS. 

    Apple is leveraging them all to create capabilities no other vendor will be able to beat, or even fast-follow because they haven't done the groundwork.

    Apple Vision Pro will succeed because it comes to market on Day One already integrated with all these other platforms and runs existing apps while extending the whole Apple ecosphere into the spatial realm.  

    Vision Pro is most like the iPad, I think, in terms of not having a specific killer app to immediately satisfy the skeptics.  

    The iPad has always been about how the tools we use for doing work change according to the work we need to do, and that in turn changes the way we work, to take advantage of the tools available. 

    So too will the Vision Pro change how we do the activities and workflows we currently use the Mac and other tools to accomplish.  And as we transition to this new spatial user experience, Apple and the developer community will evolve both the UX and this new tool.   I can’t wait to see how spatial computing evolves, which is not something I said about HoloLens, Quest, et al. 

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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 7,215member
    The beauty of this visionOS is that Apple is in a unique position to do this.
    It cannot be easily copied.

    -Custom CPU / GPU cores that sip power.
    -RealTime OS
    -Foveated Rendering and spatial frameworks, Multi-App 3D Engine.
    -Over 5000 Patents.

    I predict that this will be HUGE in this Automated AI era.
    The monitor capabilities and user interface alone are already huge.

    I think Apple is not showing all their cards to avoid crazy copycats like the iPhone OS.
    Apple might not be showing all their cards but they unveiled this for a simple reason: app support. 

    Without that the product cannot survive and right now it is only for home and work, not general use out in public. 

    The Disney announcement probably has a few prickly details yet to come out. Will VP content cost more than standard 2D content for VR? That is pretty much a given. Will Apple try to take a cut? We know the answer to that.

    The copycat claims don't really hold water today. Yes, Samsung, originally was pretty blatant but Apple has taken probably more from Android phones over the years than the other away around. 

    Stranglely, one of the repeated phrases from yesterday was very Android-like 'our customers want to customise and personalise things'. At long last Apple actually seems to be embracing the idea more. 

    There are lots of realtime operating systems out there. There are environments that demand it. 

    I wouldn't say those custom chips sip power if the battery pack tops out at 2 hours. But 2 hours of what kind of use? I suppose that is something else we'll need to know down the road. 

    A specialised chipset is not exclusive to Apple. They are all over the place for all manner of tasks but in this particular case I can definitely see generic specialised chips from more manufacturers coming to market like the HMD ones Qualcomm has been pushing since around 2017.

    The spatial and 3D engine aspects aren't anything really new either. 

    What sets the Vision Pro apart at the moment is that it's a real product even though is isn't shipping. It's all nicely packaged together and has a few nice bells and whistles. 

    For me the representation of the users face is one of the best, non core, features. 

    Those 'crazy copycats' have been working on the same basic ideas and, like Apple, have been for years. 

    Like gesture controls or voice controls. 

    Other aspects aren't strictly necessary and aren't new ideas either, like the iris scanner. 

    The problem, as made perfectly clear from the Vision Pro, is the cost of bringing products to market. 

    Some people here complained about AI using the same render in its articles. They claimed Apple wouldn't produce such a device. 

    Their hearts probably sank when the device appeared complete with dangly cable. 

    That's a result of setting aspirations too high. 

    At least now it's been revealed, those people can reset their expectations. 

    Things can only get better but the XR industry at large isn't sitting still and there is plenty more to come, from many manufacturers. 

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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,201member
    mac_dog said:
    This is some Star Trek shit right here and y’all complaining bcoz “it doesn’t look like apple,” “it’s too clunky,” “it’s too expensive.” Cry me a fucking river. This is awesome! Will I spend that much money on it, likely no. But I’m sure as hell gonna try it out at the store. The implications are astounding as far as I’m concerned. 
    Yes it awesome but in many ways  I'm reminded of this beast for 1991 sure that is 32 years ago. All the ideas that made it great were there but add 10years of refinement to what we saw to day and this is massive. 

    Sure today is for more niche workflows with the cash to justify but the path is well worn from this to handing them out to school kids. 

    Computerworld  The Evolution of the MacBook  PowerBook
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,798moderator
    Xed said:
    The fact that so many people are looking for weak excuses to say how it will fall is proof that it's a winner. If this was something pathetic it would've been ignored already. I certainly didn't go to any MS HaloLens or Google Glass-focused forums to detail every feature I didn't think was good enough or cheap enough for my needs. I looked at, I saw these were poorly implemented, had a laugh, and then moved on. Hell, I had even forgotten that MS HaloLens even existed until this thread.

    I still don't know yet whether Apple Vision is for me, but it's definitely a brilliant level of engineering.
    Your take on this hits the center of the bullseye. People internally recognize that a mixed reality UX is a paradigm shift, and there’s nobody complaining about what people will be able to see through this headset or what they will be able to do with it.  All you need to ask anyone is,

    if we could set aside tne technological challenges and just imagine that this product were the form factor and weight of a stylish pair of sunglasses, would this then be a game changing product, on the level of the iPhone?

    It’s an easy YES to that question.   Given what was demonstrated regarding its capabilities, given that it will run all the Mac apps, it’s not the experience or usefulness that people are taking issue with, it’s all about the size and bulkiness.  It may never be possible to shrink it down to a pair of sunglasses, but there are likely many advancements that will make it lighter, more acceptable (society will adapt) and even smaller over all.  
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    danoxdanox Posts: 2,388member
    Sir, is that a Mac on your head why yes it is what of it? :smile: 
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,798moderator
    chadbag said:
    Technically it looks very cool.  Apple certainly can.  The real question is if they should have.  I don’t see this as solving a problem for many people.  It’s more of a bragging right for Apple to show off their tech.  

    I have no interest (and I’m very pro-Apple and have been since 1984).  

    A lot of people said the iPad was just a bigger phone, had no killer app other than to consume media.  Apple sold a few over the years anyway. 
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,798moderator
    mcdave said:
    The DSLR replaced an SLR
    The iPhone replaced a phone/iPod
    The iPad replaced a cheap PC
    The Watch replaced, a watch
    AirPods replaced headphones
    Vision Pro replaces what? A ski mask?

    Should have kept Ive.
    You set it up well enough, but whiffed it on the key insight.  Eventually, Vision Pro replaces ALL of the above.  
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    chutzpahchutzpah Posts: 392member
    chutzpah said:
    9secondkox2 said:

    Then I saw they’re using Unity as their 3D base. So it will only be Apple Arcade games.
    Huh?  Lots of different games use Unity, not just Apple Arcade.  Disco Elysium is a Unity game.  Not really sure if that'd be good in VR as is, but it's one hell of an immersive game.
    Duh. And they all look like old, cheap mobile games. 

    Compare unity graphics to unreal 5. No contest. 

    That was the point by the way. Not the fact that some games are made with unity. 
    Don’t care. Unity can get games of the calibre of Disco Elysium, Cuphead, Return Of The Obra Dinn, Outer Wilds and Subnautica. All of these are beautiful immersive big screen games. 

    That’ll do just fine for me.  Keep the shooty explodedy boring crap built on Unreal 5 on the Xbox.
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    The VIDEO dude. As it was announced. They clearly tried to minimize cable visibility. The hippie with long hair, the Asian girl wearing curtains, etc. it was glaring. Don’t pretend. 
    LOL! You are literally pointing out all the incidents in which you noticed the cable to make the argument that they tried to hide the cable.

    You’re contradicting your own point. 
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    williamhwilliamh Posts: 1,005member
    This is the Apple Vision Pro.  That suggests that a somewhat simpler and cheaper Apple
    Vision headset is due sometime.  

    I’m not sure what price point they have to hit before I think it’s reasonable. 

    Maybe someone already mentioned this - but there are a lot of comments. 
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    roxsocksroxsocks Posts: 20member
    I can see myself using this on flights to watch movies and drown out the noise and tiny screens. I can also see using it to edit photos and video on a large virtual screen. Perhaps, if it can take good 3D scans, using it for work that requires some modeling like adding a machine to a workroom floor and seeing the fit in “life size”. Last, I can see using it to relax and meditate at home, and be virtually somewhere else like a forest or a beach.

    but none of that is worth $3500. I can get an editing studio or huge screen TV. People that say it’s perfect for a tiny apartment probably aren’t the ones living in tiny apartments who make enough money to afford one….
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,171moderator
    I was expecting something smaller.
    A lot of the size is the padding:

    If the front part to the right could be supported with a smaller frame, it would appear less bulky. There will probably be 3rd party cushions/straps. The front could have been smaller but likely would have reduced the field of view and maybe can't sit closer to the eyes.

    They managed to fit a Macbook Air/iPad inside it. Other smaller headsets are display only. If they'd put the compute parts beside the battery, they could have sold them separately and the headset would have been smaller and less expensive. Then you could use a Mac/iPad/iPhone as the compute device but it would be tethered, which isn't a great setup.

    I suspect this will be a product that gets noticeable improvements in form factor in the early versions like most of their early product designs.

    I also expect this to ship with M3 (= M1 Pro performance) rather than M2 and OLED prices may drop by the time they mass produce this in 2024.

    The first products can be used by companies to replaces their bulkier headsets:

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    Fidonet127Fidonet127 Posts: 500member
    Looks like Apple did an excellent job and I want one, but the wallet says no. Tethered battery pack is better than all that wait on the head, causing neck injuries. I'm glad they have fixed things for us eyeglass wearers, however how easy will it be to put in and take out? Can we authenticate several people? At least with several people, it cuts cost per person down.
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    HansJobHansJob Posts: 5member
    Imagine actually walking around the office wearing one of these monstrosities? You’d look like a total bellend. Even Google Glass was less revolting.
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    kmareikmarei Posts: 167member
    It will fail for one reason
    no porn
    The biggest driver usually of new tech is porn
    and since apple is all proper, it will ban any porn
    It better run rings around the oculus 
    I could buy an oculus, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone for that much
    and still have a lot left over 
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    AppleZuluAppleZulu Posts: 1,844member
    mcdave said:
    The DSLR replaced an SLR
    The iPhone replaced a phone/iPod
    The iPad replaced a cheap PC
    The Watch replaced, a watch
    AirPods replaced headphones
    Vision Pro replaces what? A ski mask?

    Should have kept Ive.
    A desktop computer and a TV. 
    foregoneconclusionCluntBaby92danoxphotography guywatto_cobratht
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    DicksonMDicksonM Posts: 1member
    I noticed the stock price dropped after the announcement and a lot of comments about the price being unrealistic. If they only sell 100k units worldwide that’s $350mm in new revenue… Not to mention apps and accessories they will sell. Seems like a good investment for Apple. 
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