New Apple Watch Ultra will be lighter, claims leaker

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A leaker with a short but good record for information on Apple releases, claims that the expected second generation Apple Watch Ultra will be lighter than the first.

Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

The first-generation Apple Watch Ultra weighs 61.3g (0.14lbs), but the leaker gives no indication of how much lighter the next model is supposed to be. "The new Apple Watch Ultra has reduced weight," is the entirety of the leak in translation from its original posting on Chinese social media site Weibo.

This lack of detail would make the report questionable, but for how it mirrors what the same leaker did in 2022. He or she leaked the release of Apple's yellow iPhone 14 refresh with a similarly minimalist report.

At present, the Apple Watch Ultra is almost twice the weight of the aluminum Apple Watch Series 8. The Series 8 model is 32g (0.07lbs) in aluminum, 42g (0.09lbs) in stainless steel, and 37g (0.08lbs) in titanium.

Previous rumors have claimed that a revised Apple Watch Ultra would be released alongside the expected Apple Watch Series 9 in September. Separately, Apple is said to have been working on an Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED display, but that this has been delayed to 2026.

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    ApplePoorApplePoor Posts: 263member
    I have worn my Ultra iWatch since 10 October, 2022. It weighs about the same as my 56 year old self-winding Rolex that I still wear occasionally. The Rolex had a 24 hour hand and a bezel that rotated so two time zones could be displayed along with the date. That defines the job of a watch - date and time.

    The Ultra is a computer slash telephone on my wrist like Dick Tracey wore in the comics of the 50s and 60s. We get accustomed to the ready information and emergency capabilities. 

    The Rolex just works and only needs to have some wrist movement to stay wound up. It is completely water proof to depths I never dove down to. No sun or electricity is required and there have been no software updates....

    The iWatch needs to have the battery recharged and gets software updates for the apps daily and perhaps the operating system along with the iPhone.

    So iWatchs are really not yet an independent wear all the time device like my Rolex.

    Both are useful.
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    riverkoriverko Posts: 211member
    45 mm stainless steel Series 8 weights 51,5g as of Apple Specs. And i think Ultra is currently the only titanium model. Haven’t seen Series 8 with titanium case anywhere
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