How the Apple-Goldman Sachs relationship became an unhappy marriage



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    pscooter63pscooter63 Posts: 1,080member
    I get the squeaky-wheel syndrome in this thread,  but I’ve got to say, my experience with Apple Card has been the best of many decades of credit card experiences.  I have turned to them a number of times for various issues, some mine, some vendors’… and they haven’t let me down yet.  And messaging is arguably faster than waiting in a phone queue.

    I dread the day the status quo inevitably changes.
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    snookiesnookie Posts: 139member
    mpantone said:
    My lil' wimpy credit union offers a *FAR* better credit card experience than Big Strong Goldman Suuxxs. Maybe it starts with caring a bit more.

    If it's a small credit union they almost certainly outsource Credit and Debit card, most likely to Fiserv.  Which means they don't get interchange fees.  

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    mayflymayfly Posts: 385member
    I like Apple Pay a lot, and I have the card, but I almost never use it.

    I bought my new 13" M2 MacBook Pro on Amazon for $1749, $250 less than the Apple Store (not to mention the sales tax is also less b/c of the lower price). That's a 10% discount. I used my Prime Card to buy it, and got a 5% credit on anything I buy at Amazon. That's another $90.

    Makes the Apple Card seem pretty lame by comparison. Hell, makes Apple Pay seem pretty lame for major Apple purchases, doesn't it?
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