Apple quietly kills off Siri-only Apple Music Voice Plan

in Apple Music edited November 2023

Apple has discontinued its $5 monthly Voice Plan for Apple Music, designed to enable Siri voice command access to the platform's catalog, likely over limited user engagement.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

Apple introduced the Voice Plan in October 2021. It was a $5 monthly subscription devised to let users access the platform's catalog using Siri voice commands.

However, as of Wednesday, Apple has removed the option from it's Apple Music subscription page, as noted by MacMagazine.

Apple created a support page to explain what's happening with Apple Music Voice. Existing users will have access until their current subscription ends, then they will need to subscribe to a new Apple Music plan.

Beginning in November, Apple will discontinue the Apple Music Voice plan. We are focused on delivering the best, most robust music experience possible for our customers, with features like immersive Spatial Audio, Apple Music Sing with real-time lyrics, intuitive browse and discovery features, and so much more. All Apple Music plans already work seamlessly with Siri, and we will continue to optimize this experience.

Apple Music Voice Plan allowed users to listen to songs, playlists, albums, and other content on Apple Music using just voice commands. However, the service was paired down and did not support Spatial Audio, Lossless quality, downloading songs for offline use, or displaying lyrics.

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    Not gone from the Irish store!


  • Reply 2 of 9
    Alex1NAlex1N Posts: 127member
    The what? Never heard of it.
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,222member
    Not gone from the Irish store!


    Quick man, get on it!!

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    eightzeroeightzero Posts: 3,040member
    Alex1N said:
    The what? Never heard of it.
    Repeat after me: "hey Siri. what Apple Music plans can I buy?"
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    Oh man, if I had the Music Voice Plan (and could only listen to music using Siri) I probably wouldn't get to listen to much music haha. It works fine on my iPhone and MacBook but man is Siri dumber than a doornail with music requests on HomePods. I've got 4x Minis throughout the house and it's such a fight with amnesia Siri I just end up controlling playback from my phone or watch to avoid the frustration. Can't imagine having to RELY on Siri alone haha.
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    Nobody wants to deal with Siri. Perhaps deliver a full replacement to that terrible piece of technology first before offering a subscription that requires it?....
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    HonkersHonkers Posts: 156member
    While I'd pay more to not have to deal with Siri, this plan still never made sense to me.
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    Alex1NAlex1N Posts: 127member
    I try and avoid using Siri when and wherever possible. It gets things wrong too often, and on one occasion nearly resulted in a missed important motorway entry when it mistook “plan” for “play”. There really needs to be a thorough shakeup in the whole system, from my point of view. Not a good experience.
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    Reminded me of their iPods with no screens, which were fun, but kinda frustrating. I thought this plan might do well with kids. I guess not.
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