Apple confirms that there is no Apple Silicon 27-inch iMac in the works

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Apple has issued a nontraditional statement that a new, Apple Silicon 27-inch iMac isn't in the works -- but that doesn't mean that there isn't something else coming.

Apple's last 27-inch iMac
Apple's last 27-inch iMac

In a response to a question from The Verge, Apple's Starlayne Meza confirmed that Apple will not make an Apple Silicon 27-inch iMac. Instead, like it suggested at the turbo-speed Apple Event on October 30, the company feels that the 24-inch iMac splits the difference between the 20-inch and 27-inch Intel iMacs for upgraders.

We've already seen chatter online that this is some kind of disinformation scheme from Apple to throw leakers off the case. We don't believe that's true.

While it is accurate to say that Apple compartmentalizes information, it does not directly lie through public relations channels. We've spoken to the PR source cited in the report, and we've found them to be a straight-shooter with us in the past.

The confirmation, however, is unusual. Generally, when Apple is queried about an unannounced product, they either address it with silence, or the typical "Apple does not comment on unannounced products" that we've heard for two decades.

Apple says what it wants to say given the reality of the market at the time. The reasoning behind the statement is clear. Apple wants Intel hold-outs to buy the M3 iMac, and not wait for some 27-inch iMac that may never arrive.

iMac has gone from from crown jewel to ladder-rung

Apple's iMac went from the savior of the company, to a herald of a re-focus on the "pro" user, to a minor player in the product line to not an afterthought, but a minor consideration in 25 years. Apple's portable line has the main driver of the company's Mac sales for some time, and desktop-only Mac users appear to be a dying breed.

Once the flagship of this house's computing power, now relegated to a pre-teen's room
Once the flagship of this house's computing power, now relegated to a pre-teen's room

Apple probably did this to themselves, though. While there were clearly mobile phones before the iPhone, that single product has done the most to facilitate being away from the desk for Apple users than anything else, original Mac Portable and PowerBook included.

It was only logical that the shift from desktop to portable happened, at the cost of desktop sales.

The Apple Silicon iMac exists for education, and as a ladder-rung in the pricing ladder. It bridges the Mac mini, and the Mac Studio.

It is the ultimate computing appliance, a set-and-forget computer. It's not clear if Apple has anything else in mind for it, given how poorly the iMac Pro was received overall.

All this said, this denial does not preclude a rumored much larger iMac. The rumor mill has been cranking on about a 32-inch Pro-directed iMac for a few years now -- but it's one of those rumors that always seems like a "next year" release that never quite arrives.

But time will tell on that. For now, though, given Apple's response, we're pretty certain that the 27-inch iMac isn't going to be resurrected with Apple Silicon.

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    rob53rob53 Posts: 3,257member
    I don't see the iMac as being a "ladder rung" and I definitely don't believe it will be an afterthought in a couple decades. Everything changes but the iMac was revolutionary when it first came out (mine was delivered on the first day it was released) and it will continue as a consumer all-in-one for years to come. Apple keeps pushing laptops because they feel portability is what everyone wants. This might be true but there is a maximum size a laptop can be and still remain portable. There will continue to be a use in businesses and government installations where computers are not allowed to leave the building. This is where an iMac fits in with its power and simplicity. Sure, go ahead and use a PC in a box attached to a small screen and see how long people can work before their eyesight is ruined (same with laptops). I know schools are using garbage chromebooks, usually because they are cheap and can be replaced easier than real computers, but that doesn't mean they're what students really need or want. 

    I've said elsewhere that Apple can only do so much within the space limitations of the 24" iMac. It's an amazing computer, especially for its light weight and power consumption. To me it's perfect for higher grade students and some college computer labs. That said, when Apple released the Mac Studio, the Mac Pro was dead. Every user who wants the power the Mac Pro provided can now get more power in a computer smaller than the Apple Cube (which I used at work for a few years). For those of you/us who want the latest technology and most power, going backwards a little to separate components, should be looking at the Mac Studio and whatever display they can afford. Apple enjoys building top of the line hardware, which, unfortunately comes with top of the line costs and their displays are the prime example of this. Of course, Apple's displays are actually 3/4 of an iMac just missing the user computer. The guts of their displays can't be touched by any other company and, I repeat, you pay for it. My 2019 Core i9, 8core (almost) fully loaded iMac cost well over $5K. I put together a Mac Studio M2 Max with similar specs along with a Studio Display and the new hardware is not only less expensive but knocks the socks off my Intel iMac. I bought this iMac from my son who bought it for doing animation (he changed directions and the market for Intel iMacs has crashed so I bought it for $1500). The combination of Mac Studio with Studio Display is going to become the best way to replace the 27" iMac, allowing the user to keep the display longer while upgrading just the computer portion. This is the future iMac Pro available right now in two size options, 27" and 32" displays. When looking at professional systems that use multiple displays, why force yourself into having a display that can't be moved or positioned like the others. Just buy the version of a Mac Studio you want to have for a few to several years then add on the size and number of displays your business requires. 
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    mike1mike1 Posts: 3,301member
    I am ordering the new iMac to replace an older PC. I was strongly considering a Mini and using it with my existing monitor or buying a new monitor. I can not find a monitor, short of a Studio Display, that looks anywhere near as good as what's built into the iMac.
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    y2any2an Posts: 192member
    Well, remember that Jobs said of the iPad that if that was going to cannibalise their laptops, then Apple should be the one to do it. Fast forward, if the laptops are cannibalising iMacs…
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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 3,598member
    Apple practically invented the home computer, and practically invented the mouse, but those are the two main products it still can't win customers for.
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    bbhbbh Posts: 134member
    I am an older retired guy that has been an Apple Fanboy for DECADES. I just ordered a new iMac because I appreciate the quality their AIO represents. I just enjoy putzing with email and the Internet with a computer and the iMac is perfect for me. I also have an M1 13" MacBook Pro for out in the living room. I looked at the Studio and Studio Display and compared that setup to the iMac. At 40% of the cost, the iMac at 24" is just fine for me. As a home hobbyist, the Studio and attendant display (I don't want to cheap out with a  cheaply built alternative) are simply too large for my home office desktop. There IS a home market out there for the iMac.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,358moderator
    rob53 said:
    Apple keeps pushing laptops because they feel portability is what everyone wants.
    Apple's not pushing people to laptops, they just sell what people want. The trend towards laptops and mobile has happened everywhere.

    Laptop also doesn't mean confined to a small display. A desktop confines people to a large display and fixed location. Many people opt for the best of both (Apple employees use this setup in their offices):

    This allows for a larger display than the iMac as well as options like OLED and matching dual displays and should the need arise to take the laptop on vacation, to bed, to the lounge, to work or take it for repair, unplug it and it's portable.
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    HrebHreb Posts: 84member
    The death of target display mode, combined with Apple's choice to use high-end panels in all their displays, means there is no way a 27" imac makes sense at any plausible price point.  A Mac Mini with external monitor just makes more sense.
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    canukstormcanukstorm Posts: 2,719member
    Apple practically invented the home computer, and practically invented the mouse, but those are the two main products it still can't win customers for.
    For the vast majority of home users, the smartphone and / or tablet has replaced their home computer. 
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    opinionopinion Posts: 104member
    I think a lot of us waited for a 27” version but Apple seems to do less and less what people want and more and more what Apple want. Sad development and an equation that won’t turn out well in some years if it continues.
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    It’s going to be 27.5” and it is coming out 15 days after you buy your 24”.
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    It’s going to be 27.5” and it is coming out 15 days after you buy your 24”.
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    canukstormcanukstorm Posts: 2,719member
    "We should once again consider the iMac a consumer machine meant for hundreds of millions of home, office and school users."

    The Great iMac Realignment – 512 Pixels
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    AniMillAniMill Posts: 164member
    I loved my iMac Pro. It was a stopgap til the Mac Pro could be resurrected, but I also feel many users appreciated the single chassis solution the iMac Pro offered. And the performance was solid. Today I have a Mac Studio M1 Ultra connected to two monitors: a widescreen LG and a 16:9 Asus. I’ve got good desktop real estate because I can put the Studio pushed away, but I really miss that 5K display. It’s a shame Apple killed Target Display mode, I’d bet many an iMac Pro (or standard) user would have just purchased the Studio head instead…so yeah, they had to kill the Target Display. :-(
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    32" is the new 27". You'll pay for it but get the best all-in-one money can buy, at any price, and it should last 20+ years.

    Next on the culling list is the Mac Studio. When a 14" MacBook Pro can outshine a Mac Pro in reported benchmarks, then the entire M3 SoC family can be fitted to a Mac Mini. There is simply no need for the Studio. 

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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,423member
    I still believe Apple may bring out a larger screen iMac that has an overall size that's not much larger than the discontinued 27" iMac. 

    If you wanted to roll your own M2 iMac 27" approximation today using Apple's current pieces and parts into a very minimal footprint workstation, even smaller footprint than the 24" iMac if you have a compatible desk, it can be done, but it isn't cheap.

    Studio Display w/VESA mount : $1599 USD
    M2 Pro Mac mini : $1299 USD
    Mac Mini VESA Mounting Bracket : $30 USD
    Ergotron LX Premium Mounting Arm :  $165 USD
    Magic Keyboard w/Touch ID : $199 USD
    Magic TrackPad : $149 USD

    Total : $3441 USD

    You could save a couple of hundred dollars USD by settling for the basic non height adjustable Studio Display mount and park the mini on your desktop, but it's still not a cheap date. I assume an M3 Pro Mac mini is in the pipeline and hopefully the price won't go up too much. But even the M2 Pro mini is a nice configuration with a much lower price point than the Mac Studio. Three years from now when the M5 or M6 hits the streets you can swap out the Mac mini piece and be on your way. Maybe sell the old mini or use it as a headless server or home theatre computer. 

    Building a larger than 24" iMac may come down to how much Apple is willing to bundle into the AIO, non-modular form factor to keep it profitable for Apple to design and produce. What is the starting price that those folks who are still longing for a larger iMac w/Apple Silicon expecting Apple to slap on such a device? If the lowest end configuration is $2999.00 USD would you still be standing in line ready to slap down your credit card or hit your Apple Pay? Using the counter argument, what is the premium that buyers are willing to pay to obtain a modular and major-component-level upgradable Mac setup?  The latter question could be approximated by subtracting the lowest end 27" 5K iMac price from approximately $3500 assuming Apple is willing to start at the old iMac's same price.

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    No 27+ inch M3 iMac = no sale
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,099member
    The way I'm reading it is that there is no 27" iMac in the pipeline because they're busy working on a 32-35" iMac! :)
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    I really loved the higher end, almost pro iMacs and the 27 inch has been my main Mac for years. I'm still on Intel, waiting for a good fit to change. Finding a good screen is the problem. And it offered enough power for my uses where as the 24 inch may not...I guess buying the 24 and buying an additional screen like I used to have, always had two monitors. Anyway, sort of a bummer.
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    blastdoorblastdoor Posts: 3,346member
    sflocal said:
    The way I'm reading it is that there is no 27" iMac in the pipeline because they're busy working on a 32-35" iMac! :)
    Maybe, but I doubt they are going to specifically refute every possible iMac size. I interpret this to mean that there are currently no plans for any iMac other than the 24". That doesn't mean they will NEVER consider another more 'pro' iMac, but it sounds to me like they are saying people shouldn't hold their breath because there's nothing around the corner, and no plans around the corner either.

    From my perspective, it's theoretically fine if Apple wants 'pro' or 'pro-ish' desktop users to go the route of Mac mini / studio / pro plus a monitor. The problem with the implementation of that theory is that the Studio Display turned out to be a worse display, from a price/performance standpoint, than my 2020 27" iMac. I think to make the modular desktop Mac approach work, we need better display options. I'd like to see a 27" 5k Studio Display that has a camera at least as good as the one in my 27" iMac and priced at $1200. For $1600, I'd like a 32" 6k Studio Display with the same camera. I'm not in the target audience for users of the Pro Display XDR, so I won't comment on what that lineup ought to look like (although I imagine that there should be an 8k entry in that lineup).

    But I'm not holding my breath -- I suspect that when it comes time for me to replace my 27" iMac, I'll buy either a Mac mini or a Mac Studio and then get a Dell monitor. I'll cringe a little every time I look at that Dell logo, but I just can't see paying Apple a premium for a monitor that is no better, and arguably worse, than the display+camera in my 27" iMac. (and yes -- it is a bummer that there's no target display mode)

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    mike1mike1 Posts: 3,301member
    timmillea said:
    Next on the culling list is the Mac Studio. When a 14" MacBook Pro can outshine a Mac Pro in reported benchmarks, then the entire M3 SoC family can be fitted to a Mac Mini. There is simply no need for the Studio. 

    Wow. That is a ridiculous conclusion. Everyone should stop developing new computers and chips now. timmillea has decreed that computers can no longer get faster/smaller/more efficient or better in any way. Do you seriously not believe that the Studio, Pro with M4 and M5 or whatever is coming won't have better benchmarks than the current M3?!
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