American Cancer Society--Relay for Life (Boston)

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This weekend the boston area will be holding a relay... Basically one member of each team has to be running on the track at all times, and we have to get sponsors, its a fundraiser... (duh )

Anyways, this is a good cause. If you have some extra time and are feeling generous, please help out. (if you just want to help out without donating under my team, which is fine)

Has anyone here participated in this? What should I expect (this is my first time doing it)?

Our team needs to raise $2000 by tomorrow.... my goal was $200 and I'm fairly confident that with the cash that I have raised so far (which isn't reported online until tomorrow ) that I will reach my goal, but my team will not... Help out a good cause!


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    Originally posted by Paul

    Has anyone here participated in this? What should I expect? (this is my first time doing it.)

    okay... I guess noone here has ever heard of it, I thought it was decently common... guess not.
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    Well, I'm back. It was great fun. See (some) of the pictures here

    here is a taste:

    Basically, our team was very unprepared... We didn't have shelter from rain, so we made one. A $10 tarp, 7 posts, about 100 pizza boxes, and 3 stolen banners later, we had the best looking tent in the whole event.

    Left to right in that picture is Chris, Joe (my roommate (sleeping)), Kyle, and Bryan. We were the only members of our team that stayed the whole time.

    We raised $600 or so, which isn't too bad. But short of our goal.
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