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This question might have been asked already, but I have some MP3's that are at 192 bits and I was wondering if you lose sound quality by converting them to 128 AAC. BTW, I am not reripping these files, I am jus tusing the "Converting Selection To AAC" in iTunes.


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    You'll lose quality... now, whether it's enough to notice will vary from person to person. Some people can even distinguish a 192 MP3 from an uncompressed CD, and some can't. All you'd be doing is reducing how much room the songs take up - if hard drive and/or iPod space is an issue, you might want to consider doing that, but not before testing it out on a number of songs of varying genres. And the best thing, of course, would be to just re-rip all your CDs to AAC if you want to save space, and delete your old MP3s.
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    The problem for me is that I ripped these CDs along time ago and the CDs now are really scratched to death. I converted some and I can not tell the difference at all. I would just like to hear what people have to say about it. Do you notice any difference when you convert it from MP3 to AAC Luca?
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    No, but:

    1. I don't have a real ear for music so I don't notice stuff like that

    2. I only tried it with one or two songs.

    So that's why I tried to leave my response open ended - I tried to present the facts without putting my own spin on it, because you really shouldn't trust my opinion on this matter. I'll say it's fine, but then someone else (i.e. Eugene) will come up and say that ripping at 192kbps MP3 is not only an abomination, but that converting those ripped MP3s to AAC is ten times worse

    j/k Eugene, you just have more sensitive ears than I do.

    So anyway, I'd only suggest doing this if you're really low on space, you can't afford to get a larger hard drive, you don't want the inconvenience of burning CDs, and there's nothing else you can delete first. Remember that you can only lose quality, not gain it. I would say that as long as your MP3s sound fine, keep them, and start converting to AAC if you run out of room.
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    When importing a CD, is there a noticable quality difference between 192 MP3 and 128 AAC? Because all this encoding talk, Music Store, and Library sharing talk got me thinking about all the CDs I forgot about. I'm importing a bunch of CDs right now and I'm not really tight on space, but the more the merrier.
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