What will be Apple's next online store?

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The iTunes Music Store is a great succes.

We now already have:

1. the Apple Store, for buying hardware and software

2. the iTunes Music Store, for buying music

What will be next?

3. the iPhoto Picture Store, for (stock) pictures, etc?

4. the iMovie Store, for buying movies?

5. ?


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    netromacnetromac Posts: 863member
    3. Nope. Stock pics are sold in lots 'o places already. No money here.

    4. Not yet. Maybe in a few years. And I don't think the buying movies on the net is such a good idea. Would be much cooler if you could rent movies - say for 24 hours - and then have them streamed over too ya. Would require lot of bandwith though, so not yet.

    5. ? ?
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    5. The iWank Porno Store.

    Trust me. Apple will be flush with cash.

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    Originally posted by Gandalf the Semi-Coherent

    5. The iWank Porno Store.

    You still pay for this?
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    ti fighterti fighter Posts: 863member
    Pro audio store- sell there own emagic software and non competing appz, reason etc. And lots of hardware: synthesisers, audio cards, mixers....

    Oh and for really good prices..
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member

    Originally posted by Not Unlike Myself

    You still pay for this?

    People pay for the craziest stuff. Do you realize that there are still a lost paying for hardware, all while you can just as well nick the best and latest stuff at your local Apple retailer.
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