New blip on the G5 radar???



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    Including auxilary 3D buffers seems to becoming common practice nowadays:

    64-bit = 32-bit colour buffer + 32-bit Z-buffer

    96-bit = 32-bit colour buffer + 32-bit Z-buffer + 8-bit stencil + 24-bit auxilary

    128-bit = 32-bit colour buffer + 32-bit Z-buffer + 8-bit stencil + 8-bit alpha buffer + 2 x 24-bit auxilary

    Only the 32-bit colour buffer is actually visible to the user, and the board still uses 8-bit DACs (although 10-bit DACs and 2/10/10/10 ARGB are apparently on the way). The rest are used by the 3D engine during rasterization to hold intermediate computed value from/to the pixel shaders. Since the next generation pixel shaders are going to be tremendously more powerful these deeper buffers will become even more important.

    I hope Matrox and 3DLabs are leapfrogging the current generation cards, but don't for a second think that nVidia and ATI aren't both going to have comparable hardware out this year. And no, those specs above aren't out of line -- although that's not to say that they aren't just a good guess by somebody with a little knowledge about what is coming.
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    I think it's also helpful to note that you're never, ever, going to be able to buy a brand new Amiga ever again. They've been languishing for ten years. About the only thing they have a shot at, is an OS/graphical shell for PDA's phones and wrist-watches. Probably not even that.

    Thus, anything that comes out of their camp has more than it's share of investment luring hyperbole. If Jobs = RDF, Amiga = Bullshit!
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    To answer some of the questions here:

    Ben Hermans is a co-founder of the german-belgic company Hyperion ( <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; ). They are porting games to Linux, Mac and mostly AmigaOS. For some months now they have a deal with Amiga, Inc. to do the new AmigaOS 4, after Haage & Partner ( <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; ), which did the OS 3.5 - 3.9, afaik refused to do that. But Hyperion is a quite small company, so I am sure, they have no detailed inside information about the next PPC chips.

    Best regards,


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    can you guys imagine the damage this card will do to the mac 3rd party vid card market *if* it is osx compatible, and the mac card is *exactly* the same as the pc card, same price?

    I know I wouldn't hesitate a second to buy the 225? card.
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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    and what's the damage, apart from those 225 bucks missing in your pocket?

    What you call damage is generally called competition. And it doesn't hurt if nVidia gets their ass kicked a bit, instead of resting on their laurels.

    ATI started with that already, now there *might* be Matrox coming along. (if the story has a bit of truth behind it).

    Remember one thing: Resting on your laurels in teh 3D card market equals DEATH. See 3dfx for reference.

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    xramxram Posts: 6member
    hi there people

    i saw that ben guy on techtv talking about the next Amiga os . they are starting out in the mobile market but apparently the desktop version is only ppc compatable .

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    [quote]Originally posted by Lucky:

    <strong>Haha. That spec sheet has been pretty conclusively shown to be a hoax. Do you really think that Matrox would misspell "Millennium"?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Mazda misspelled "Millennia" ON THEIR CAR! not just in an ad/spec sheet :eek:
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