Kyocera 7135

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I've had my eye on this phone/PDA combo. Does anyone have any experience with this phone.

Ideally, I would like to sync with my Windows computer at work, and then sync again with my Macs at home.

Has anyone used the PDA on this phone? Is it EXACTLY like a palm pilot, or is it somehow more limited?

Does it work with iSync on the Mac?


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    bradbowerbradbower Posts: 1,068member
    I've played with one for the past few days (my friend's), and I'm getting one tomorrow (HOORAY). I'm very happy with it.

    Runs Palm OS, so you can add tons of cool apps or games or just upgrade it later or hack it. Not 5, but good enough, considering there aren't any ARM cell phones out there yet. Syncs with iSync and of course Windows. Really interesting how they've integrated the phone functions into Palm software, lots of control there, which I like. Excellent 56,000 color screen with transreflective backing so you can turn off the backlight. Comes with the cradle that charges and syncs, and holds an extra battery, and it comes with serial and USB. Also comes with a nice holster. Aesthetics are pretty nice for a phone, I like the brushed chrome front, don't care for the indigo plastic but it looks decent overall. I don't like really tiny flip phones, but this guy is nice and form-fitting to your face when opened. When it is flipped closed, it is hands-down THE smallest smart phone in your pocket or on your belt clip, without sacrificing the screen. The keypad is big, the graffitti is there, it just works good. It has speakerphone, too. It is a phone before a PDA (no chiclet keyboard), but nothing suffers. It's expandable too, with a SD/MMC card slot. Really decent battery life, considering the screen. Also an external caller ID screen of course.

    I realize some don't like their phone to be so large, but I found it so comfortable in my hand and on my belt. It was just euphoric. I found myself fondling it on my belt clip for long periods of time when I wasn't using it.. is that pathetic, or what? Anyhow, it does have a few other cons... no Bluetooth, yet, so no gimmicky wireless syncing, you have to drop it into your little cradle. Hopefully the combo Bluetooth/WiFi/memory SD cards will hurry up and make it to the shelves. In phone-only mode, you can't use the touchscreen, just the buttons (numeric and up/down/ok), that is kind of weird, I always wanted to write the number I wanted to call, but oh well, buttons are easier. Really nitpicking here, when you press a numeric button there is not enough feedback, it doesn't press down very far, so I'm always checking if it actually pressed. And there is more delay to pressing buttons in phone mode than in palm/palmphone mode, for some weird reason. And while it has really great battery for a smartphone/palmphone, or even a palm with such a screen (which could be higher res a la sony's clies), some people want phones with more straight talk time than 3-4 hours. Me, I will use the PDA as much or more than I talk, plus I have a car charger, several home chargers, a cradle, and I work in a place where I have all kinds of chargers and outlets, so it will be no problem for me.

    So, lots of big plusses, and a few subjective minuses. I'm really glad that such a great phone can be labelled the only CDMA smartphone that flips and has a great color display.
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    augustwestaugustwest Posts: 157member
    I've been using the 7135 for about a week. I've only hooked up to my work PC, so I don't know how well it integrates with my Mac at home. I'm hoping all goes well!

    My main priority was getting a phone/palm combination, so I'm very happy with the 7135. My favorite feature is the voice activated dialing, which I'm sure is on alot of phones, but I've never had it, and it's just damn cool.

    The palm portion works just like it should, although, if I'm going to be VERY picky, the stylus is made of very light plastic-- I would like a sturdier stylus. Also, it is strange that you can't use the touch screen when the phone is in use.

    Overall I love this thing. I sync my work calendar and contacts into the phone, and can look at my schedule when I'm on the way to work. Next item on my wish-list: A bluetooth/memory/camera card for the expansion slot.
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    bradbowerbradbower Posts: 1,068member
    Awesome, another 7135 user. So what kinda Palm apps have you loaded up on it? Recommendations? Any cool hacks?

    Catch me on AIM, sn wongulous .
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    I would snag one of these in a heartbeat, except... it's OS 4. I can't justify going backwards from my OS 5 Clie.

    Hopefully the new Samsung OS 5 phone will come out soon.
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