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a PC! =)

Does anyone have their mac and a pc hooked up to a cinema display? I have the 20" and am thinking on going to Fry's to get a mini-PC barebones and tossing an athlonXP in it for a small development machine. I need both on my desk for work and would like to use a kvm to switch between the mac and the pc.

I would like to know if certain kvm's are better than others, or if it's even possible. I know I've seen PC's hooked up to Cinema Displays before.

Thank you.


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    enaena Posts: 667member
    I think Dr. Bott has one---but it's like $100....

    I kinda need help on this one becuse an employee needs a dual set up. She has as PC with an Nvida card and a 933mhz G4.

    Will this work?


    I think that would make it possible to have an industry standard monitor and NOT a Cinema for both machines.

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    Well that product makes it possible to use the Cinema Display as a monitor on anything with the standard DV port.

    What I am basically looking for is a KVM that has an ADC connector to the Mac, then an ADC connected to plug on the KVM to plug the monitor into to, and a standard VGA or DV port to plug into the PC...

    Like this :

    Cinema Display - ADC


    KVM - ADC to Powermac 933

    VGA to PC


    Looks like this product will do, but damn is it expensive. I'd also like to find something that has keyboard and mouse hookups but this doesn't mention it...keyboard shortcuts would be a bonus so I could just hit command-whatever and switch between the two OS's.
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